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Board of Directors & Sub-Commitees

NSW Snowsports Board of Directors

Toni Hulme - Chairperson

Leslie Ludwig - Director/Deputy Chair/Finanical Director

Steve Cooper - Director/Interschools Discipline Chair

Rob Dickson - Director/Snowboard Chair

John Adams - Director/Alpine Discipline Chair

Graeme Power - Director/Cross Country Discipline Chair

Daniel Bosco - Director/Snowboard Discipline Representative/ RKYF Director

Meg Neuhaus - Director

David Chrystal - Director

Mel Johnson - Director

Craig Hammond - Director

NSW Snowsports Sub-Committees

The discipline sub-committees of Alpine, Cross Country, Freestyle and Snowboarding are composed of elected and appointed representatives from each discipline and have delegated responsibility for developing and managing plans, programs, events, infrastructure and budgets for each discipline. The Interschools sub committee is similarly responsible for the development and management of the highly successful and well regarded NSW Interschools program and competition

Primary Role

Provide athlete pathways, training programs, other athlete support, competition support and sport development initiatives.

Raise funds and submit grant applications on behalf of NSW Snowsports and provide appropriate support to athletes.

NSW Snowsports Organisational Structure