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Tax Deductible Donations - NSWACT Alpine

Australian Sports Foundation & NSWACT Alpine

Welcome to NSWACT Alpine Teams’ Supporter Program.

We have registered this development initiative with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) to assist us with our fundraising efforts.

This registration enables donations of $2 and over in support of the NSWACT Alpine Teams’ Supporter Program to be tax deductible.

Processing ASF Donations

Donations can be made by either: cash, cheque, money order or credit card.

All donors must complete the attached ASF Donation Form and all donations are made payable to ASF (and not to NSW Ski Association/NSW Snowsports or NSW Alpine). 

Simply, send your ASF Donation Form together with payment to:


P.O. Box 934

Jindabyne, NSW 2627

Click here for the ASF Donation Fact Sheet

Click here for the NSWACT Alpine Donation Form

If you require more information please contact Annette Pilat, NSWACT Alpine Chair/Director, NSW Snowsports at: or M: (0413) 744-480.

Thank you for your support.