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Working with Children Check

Child protection is about keeping children safe from abuse and protecting them from any form of harm. NSWS wants to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and minors (under the age of 18) who are in their care at all times.  To find out more about our policies and procedures click on the links below;

  • NSWS Child Protection Policy

In NSW, Working with Children Check (WWCC) laws aim to prevent people who pose a threat from working with children as paid employees or volunteers. 

A Working with Children Check is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work.  It involves a national criminal history check and review of the findings of workplace misconduct. The result of a Working with Children Check is either a clearance to work with children for five years, or a bar against working with children. Cleared applicants are subject to ongoing monitoring, and any relevant new records which appear against a cleared applicant's name may lead to the clearance being revoked.

NSW Snowsports is required to undertake Working with Children Checks as we provide certain kinds of child-related employment/activities.  

To find our more or to apply for your WWCC, please click on the relevant blue links below:

All Employees, Coaches and Volunteers

What to do once you have applied for a check.

When you receive your WWCC clearance number, send it along with your DOB to


Send it to the person who asked you to have the clearance done.

For state disciplines and directors who need further clarification on who within their organisation needs a check go to;  

Parents Check the Check:

Parents engaging tutors for their children should be asking the tutor to provide a Working With Children Check application or clearance number - then verifying that number online.

Verifying a clearance online is quick and easy, and ensures that a Working With Children Check clearance is current.

Please click here for more information.