2017 Conditions of Play

Southern & Northern sectional STATE CHAMPIONSHIP competitions 

2017 LOCAL CONDITIONS OF PLAY – adopted 4 December 2016 
(To be used and taken in conjunction with the 2017 Bowls NSW State Conditions of Play {COP})


1. The State Match Committee (SMC) has delegated the Zone Match Committee (ZMC) to be responsible for the conduct of all State Championship Events (match) under their control (refer COP 1.6).  Any Club wishing to clarify any matters of disputes, references, interpretations, grading, eligibility, venues, date changes etc. are advised to contact the ZMC members as listed below, as protocol denotes.  This should lead to having the matters resolved quickly and more efficiently. 

2. Timetable:

• All match starting times shall be 9.00 a.m. for morning games and 1.00 p.m. for afternoon games.  

• An announcement shall be made no later than twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time as to the rink/s allocated for the match.   

• Practice shall cease thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled start of the match, providing rink space is available and the venue Controlling Body (CB) approves (refer COP 2.11.)  Players shall not practice on the rink on which their match is drawn to be played.  Penalty is Disqualification.

The ZMC suggests that the draw for rinks is made as early as possible on match day, and that notices be posted around the Club advising the allocated and practice rink(s) to be used by the player(s) in their event(s).

3. The designated venue Club shall: -

• At all matches announce the name/s of the CB and Umpire/s before the start of play.  Unless absolutely unavoidable, the CB shall not be a contestant in the said Championship event (COP 2.12).  Refer to COP 14 for further duties and responsibilities of the CB. 

• Ensure results of each days play are emailed to the Bowls Coordinators as soon as possible after the completion of play.  If this is not possible due to unforeseen technical problems then clubs are to telephone the results, and email them as soon as possible thereafter.

4. Officials must be conversant with all information in COP 2.28 (Substitutes, Replacements etc.)  Also see Domestic Regulations. 

5. An Inclement Weather Policy can be found on the website – www.zone14.bowls.com.au - as a guide for CB when necessary to suspend or abandon play.  See also COP 2.19. 

6. A postponed match shall be played on the next available playing date (on days/dates when matches in that competition would normally have been scheduled) or as determined by the ZMC.  Refer COP 1.5.



Athol Grogan -  M: 0412 548 252, E: z14match@gmail.com  


Keith Ashdown - ph: 6581 1758, M: 0478 768 005, E: kashdown33@gmail.com

Noel Condon - M: 0415 431 040, E: leon.nodnoc@gmail.com

Ken Errington - ph: 6582 3500, M: 0428 788 657, E: vonken04@bigpond.com                  

David Lomas - M: 0408 184 451, E: davidj.l@bigpond.com

Graham Pilkie - M: 0419 296 625, E: zsec14@gmail.com 

Ian Simpson - ph: 6566 5344, M: 0428 824 378, E: irsimpson@bigpond.com

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