VIBBA - Northern (MNC)


Play is approximately 2 hours duration.

The mat can be placed in the legal limits at the start of play and thereafter as in the normal game of bowls.

If the jack is rolled out of bounds the opponent then rolls the jack and if this is also out of bounds the jack is placed on the 2 metre mark and the mat may be placed as at the start of play.

The minimum length of a jack to mat is now 23 metres.

Bowls of the teams should be placed on either side of mat before the start of play and remain on that side for all ends thereafter.

All players and directors should remain at the mat end until the completion of the end.

The end may be inspected once during the end and the players must be accompanied by the director.

Advise the bowler of the position of the jack by the aid of the distance markers, advise the bowler of the playing conditions, whether to play narrow or wide and the best hand to play.

Driving is now permitted but the players, directors and markers at the other end must be warned that the player is going to drive.

The directors toss the coin at the start of the match.

The director hands the bowl to the player making sure it is on the correct bias.

If the jack is moved the player may ask the marker the new distance.

The director to inform the bowler of the position of the bowl in relation to the jack, using the clock method.

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