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Resources for the Online Scoring Program

You are here because you are the person (or one of the persons) responsible for entering sides and results into the online Pennant scoring system for 2018.

If you follow the steps below in sequence you should be well prepared for the season.


1. You should have received 2 documents emailed to your club outlining the clubs responsibilities with respect to the online system and a document outlining the role of the the data entry operator (DEO) - you - during the season.

If the Club did not provide them to you - click the links below and read them first.

Pre-Season letter to clubs re player and results online data collection

Pre-Season Information for Data Entry Operators

2. Click here to get your username for the preseason training and season proper

3. Very important - Call me (0431670451) or email me ( to get your password to log on during the season.

You won't be able to enter data during the season without it.

When you call or email, please provide me with the names and contact details (mobile number and email addressed) of your club's data entry operators (DEOs)

4. Watch the videos to learn how to log in, enter sides, correct mistakes, duplicate sides and enter results.

Both videos are aimed at new data entry people and old hands who need a refresher for 2018.

Online Results Program Walkthrough Video - Part 1

Part 1 - covers, logging in, entering sides and editing individual players

Online Results Program Walkthrough Video - Part 2

Part 2 - covers entering results and duplicating sides from round to round

5. Click the link below to have a practice on the online program

No password is required during the preseason training period. However, you will require your club's username. 

During the season proper you will require a password. (see point 3 above).

At the very least, practice working through one round for one side - entering a side and a set of results - just make a side from the drop down lists and pull some results out of your head. Get a feel for the speed of the program. It is slow in moving between data entry items (you can see that in the video), so get a feel for the pace you will need to adopt.

6. The practice period ends on the 23rd of April.

On the 24th, the old practice files will be taken down and the season proper files will be uploaded, ready for Clubs to enter sides for Round 1. You will need your Club's username and password  to access the system after the 23rd. If you don't have a password see point 3 above.

Do not use the system for practice after the 23rd.

7. I wish you, and your club, all the best for the 2018 season.

If you experience any difficulty during the season, especially each Saturday after the game, call me. 

I will be available from 5pm onwards each Saturday.




Usernames and passwords