2014 - WHA Presentation Night

WHA Presentation Night


WHA 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday 13 September 2014

At Kaniva Shire Hall



Night of nights for hockey

The Wimmera Hockey Association held its annual Presentation Night and Dinner on Saturday 13 September 2014.  It was held at the Kaniva Shire Hall.  Kaniva Hockey Club hosted the evening, which followed the day of grand finals at Kaniva Recreation Reserve hockey field.

The evening began with the association’s AGM, attended by members representing the WHA’s 19 teams in six clubs including Dimboola, Horsham, Kaniva, Nhill, Warracknabeal and Yanac, just prior to the WHA dinner and presentations.  140 people attended the dinner including several past members and life members of the association.

The evening incorporated celebrations of the association’s 40th anniversary, being from 1974 to 2014.

Kaniva Hockey Club’s president Mathew McDonald welcomed everyone to the evening before handing over for the brief AGM.

A lovely three-course dinner was served during the evening, including the anniversary cake for dessert.

Presentations including powerpoint displays kept the evening rolling along.

40th anniversary presentation

Past members of the association Iain Aitken and Graeme Draaisma and life member Peter Colbert spoke about their past association with the Wimmera and fond memories they still have of their time playing hockey in the Wimmera.  A brief photo presentation showed some of the uniform changes including goalie gear changing from being basic cricket pads to the full gear we have today, and the look of the ‘Wimmera’ colours at various tournaments, and the long hook that used to be acceptable on sticks.  Several life members, many still active within the association, cut the anniversary cake.

Umpire awards

Golden Whistle awards are awarded to popular, fair and skilled umpires.  Gold Award went to Stuart Hoffman of Horsham club, Silver Award went to Kim Croot of Yanac, and Bronze Award went to Elizabeth Klinge of Dimboola.  An Encouragement Award is awarded to a learning umpire and was awarded to James Keating of Dimboola.

Certificates were presented to umpires who committed to umpiring 9 games or more during the home and away season.  Clint Beattie of Kaniva umpired the most, an amazing 36 games.

Technical Bench Officials awards

Tech Bench is only in its second yearduring the home and away season were presented with a certificate of thanks.  Chris O'Connor of Horsham officiated at the most, 19 games.

Junior awards

A junior premiership keepsake plaque was presented to the premiership team Kaniva Raiders who won the first of the finals matches played earlier that day.

The junior vote count saw the Junior Boys Best and Fairest awarded to Todd Alexander of Yanac Warriors for a second consecutive year.  Runner Up was Colin Taylor of Warracknabeal Revengers.

Junior Girls Best and Fairest went to Victoria Janetzki of Nhill Leopards, while Runner Up was Kiah Zietsman of Horsham Bombers.

Junior Boys Highest Goal Scorer was Kylan Hendy of Kaniva Raiders while Shanaye Alexander of Yanac Warriors won the Junior Girls Highest Goal Scorer.  Goal scorers in each division were each presented with a medallion for the first time this year.

Women’s awards

A women’s keepsake plaque was presented to the new premiers Yanac Women.

Women’s Best and Fairest Noreen Wheaton trophy was won by Elizabeth Klinge of Dimboola Women, having been runner up for the past couple of years.  Runner Up went to Louise Bone of Yanac Women in her first senior year, having won the past two Junior Girls Best and Fairest awards.

Women’s Equal Highest Goal Scorers Annabel Askin and Kelly Smithyman of Dimboola and Louise Bone of Yanac Women were each presented with a medallion.

Open awards

An open premiership keepsake plaque was presented to the new premiers Warracknabeal Hoops.

Open Best and Fairest was awarded to Mont Miller of Nhill Rangers who has won the award in the past, in 1991, and was also Runner Up two years ago in 2012, while Runner Up went to Nathan Alexander of Yanac Tigers.  Nathan was equal Junior Boys Best and Fairest in 2008.  The top three was very close with only three votes separating first and second and third placed Braden Clark of Kaniva Cobras only one vote behind the runner up.

A medallion for the Open Highest Goal Scorer was presented to Marcus Williamson of Warracknabeal Hoops.

Encouragement Awards

WHA Encouragement Awards were presented: Junior Female to Brittany Keam of Yanac Hockey Club for her passion for playing goalie and commitment and dedication to training and travelling to various tournaments including multiple Junior State Championships.

Wendy Crowhurst of Nhill and District Sporting Club – Hockey Division was awarded the Senior Female award for her commitment on and off the field as a formidable opponent, representative player, and in particular her administrative dedication and excellence heading the hockey unit at the Nhill club, also willingness to help out wherever needed.

Senior Male award went to Chris O’Connor of the Horsham club for his tireless efforts over many years at the club, with most of his dedication showing off the field in administrative roles, creative capacities, bbq cook, tech bench official duties, travelling the countryside for his daughters to fulfil career paths, and much more.

Executive awards

Executive members were presented with a certificate of thanks: President Helen Cannell, Vice President Don Haines, Secretary Meredith Knoop and Simon King, Treasurer Jenny Smith, Records Secretary Rachel Clark, and Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling.  Thanks also to the non-executive roles fulfilled by Jenny Smith of Horsham in the Junior Development Officer role, and Rachel Clark as Historian.

New executive

The new executive for 2015 was announced during the AGM: President Don Haines (Dimboola), Vice President Tim Davey (Horsham), Secretary Helen Cannell (Nhill), Treasurer Jenny Smith (Yanac), Records Secretary Simon King (Warracknabeal), Umpires Convenor Clint Beattie (Kaniva).  Non-executive positions were also announced: Junior Development Officer Ellie Woods (Dimboola), and Historian Rachel Clark (Kaniva).

Books distributed

Season Round Up books 2013 were distributed to clubs on the night, as were Country Week certificates for the members who represented the Wimmera association at the Junior Country Championships and Senior Country Championships in 2014.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014



On a personal note, thanks to everyone for their help and support this year.  It has been an amazing year of hockey for me, and the association, achieving great coverage across all of the local media including newspapers, online and print, and local radio 1089 3WM.

I couldn't have achieved what I wanted to achieve without help from many people, and together I think we have done the association a great service this year.

I hope you support the new Records Secretary as much as you have supported myself!

All the best for 2015.


Rachel Clark

WHA Records Secretary 2014