Images are taken of matches, venues, events, tournaments, presentations, profiles, executives, awards, team photos, umpires, and more during the WHA home and away season as well as various events outside of the general season. 

Photos may be published in but not limited to the Wimmera Mail-Times newspaper, The Weekly Advertiser newspaper, local newspapers including the Dimboola Banner, Dimboola Courier, Kaniva Times, Nhill Free Press, and Warracknabeal Herald, the WHA Season Round Ups, and WHA newsletters.

Images may also be published on the WHA website.

WHA endeavours to publish quality photos.

WHA requests that every member give permission for photo use to avoid difficult exclusions.  Where players do not give permission the members should stand OUT of any team or official photos.

For WHA purposes the term 'image' refers to both photographs and any video footage taken.