2014 - Grand Finals - Results and Review

Grand Finals

Saturday 13 September 2014

At Kaniva Recreation Reserve, Kaniva



Hat-trick Raiders!

Kaniva Raiders, Yanac Women and Warracknabeal Hoops have won premierships in the Wimmera Hockey Association grand finals 2014.

The junior team Raiders has won a hat-trick of premierships, winning the final in 2012, 2013 and now 2014.

Yanac Women have won their first premiership in over two decades, with their last premiership being in 1990.

Open team Hoops last won the title in 2007 when they also defeated the Yanac Tigers.

Juniors went to extra time, the women played out by full time, while the open final went to three rounds of sudden death strokes.

Yanac club once again missed its chance to become the first WHA club to win the trifecta of premierships with a team playing in each division of grand finals, securing one out of three possible premierships for the day.

The intense finals were held at the Kaniva Recreation Reserve hockey field on a beautiful sunny warm day.

Umpires for the grand finals matches were supplied by Hockey Victoria with Charlie Martin and Jake Ronaldson umpiring the junior match, Charlie Martin and Samantha Bennetts umpiring the women’s match, and Jake Ronaldson and Samantha Bennetts umpiring the open match.


Minor premiers Yanac Warriors took on the reigning back-to-back premiers Kaniva Raiders in the junior final.  Stakes were high for the Warriors being the first game on the program.  For Yanac to be a chance at the first WHA trifecta Warriors would have to win this first final. 

The game started evenly with neither side able to score.  Raiders cracked the barrier midway through the first half scoring through Adam Feder.

Raiders were up 1-0 at the half time break.

Warriors scored in the second half through Joseph Morphett to level the score.  Tense play followed with both sides using good attack.  Lachie Mills played a ‘captain’s game’ for the Raiders leading with level headed solid defence and direction.  Warriors’ Jaidyn Honeyman, Joshua Magrath and Alex Magrath were strong contributors pushing the ball into attack.  Joseph Morphett and Todd Alexander were making good leads down the wing but were unable to penetrate the Raiders defence of Lachlan Clark, Luke Shalders, Jack Braisby, Jemima Bothe and Lachie Mills.  Adam Feder, Duncan Shalders and Kylan Hendy were strong up forward creating opportunities and making good headway through the centre.

Goalies for each team were superstars with Warriors’ Brittany Keam and her ninja moves blocking any shots, and Raiders’ Hannah Braisby especially under the pump for one whole block of play but repelled everything including an airball expertly tapping it away with her glove.

Zachary Dorrington and Shanaye Alexander on half back for Warriors were pushing forwards but the team was unable to convert.

Full time score was 1-1.

Into extra time and Lachlan Clark scored from a short corner to give Raiders the lead and it was a case of hold on from there.  Raiders defence held out using the width of the field well and won in extra time 2-1.

Umpires’ best for Raiders were goalie Hannah Braisby, Jaden Hendy and Kylan Hendy.  Umpires’ best for Warriors were goalie Brittany Keam, Alex Magrath and Joseph Morphett.

The Peter Colbert Medal for Best on Ground in the Junior Grand Final, presented by Peter Colbert himself, was awarded to Raiders’ Hannah Braisby for her fantastic effort as goalie.


Minor premiers Yanac Women lined up for their second consecutive chance for their first premiership in over two decades, having come runners up last year.  Yanac lined up against the second placed and reigning hat-trick premiers Dimboola Women.

With finals experience on their side and momentum at the end of the season, Dimboola was looking strong, although Yanac has been an incredibly consistent side this year.

Dimboola had the early attack and secured a short corner or two early in the piece.  An early score for Dimboola may have influenced the end result but they tried three different options in quick succession for short corners and each failed with finals nerves possibly kicking in.  The players settled into a rhythm and play continued evenly with both teams having chances to score.

The Yanac team sustained two blows early in the match with versatile Caitlyn Smith leaving the field injured for the remainder of the game, while Jo Pedie received a knock to the head but was able to later return to the field. 

The play was mid-field for a lot of the match although the goalies did get their share of the workload.  Quick drives through from Dimboola’s Jennifer Klinge, and two of the association’s equal highest goal scorers in Annabel Askin and Kelly Smithyman kept the Yanac defence busy.  They were capably repelled each time by goalie Brittany Keam playing her second final for the day, and full backs Sheree Shurdington and Anne Blackwood whose strong hits saw the ball fly decisively to wherever she wanted it to go!

Dimboola received great direction from association best and fairest player Elizabeth Klinge at centre half back, giving her team plenty of opportunities up forward, while fellow half back Brooke Nuske was collecting everything that came down her wing and on the opposite side Ashlee Crowhurst did the same.

There was no score by half time, 0-0.

Very even play continued in the second half with this being in Yanac’s favour.  Yanac is good at playing the ‘waiting game’, able to score the later goals which make the difference.

Alana Colbert played a strong half back as did Jo Pedie on the opposite side.  Centre half back Erin Alexander directed well from centre half back up to association women’s runner up best and fairest player Louise Bone and Carmel Beattie creating opportunities on the forward line where wings were close to scoring.

With the match looking like it was going to extra time teams were keen to get a score to get the match won.

After a late burst of attack association women’s equal highest goal scorer Louise Bone scored the winning goal with just 3 minutes to go.  Dimboola tried to level but there was not enough time and Yanac held on to win a very close 1-0.

Umpires’ best for Yanac Women were Alana Colbert, Erin Alexander and Louise Bone.  Umpires’ best for Dimboola were Elizabeth Klinge, Ashlee Crowhurst and Kelly Smithyman.

The Jane Gregson Memorial Medal for Best on Ground in the Women’s Grand Final, presented by Jo Lawson, was awarded to Yanac Women’s Anne Blackwood for her solid defence and direction from full back.


With a close finals rivalry spanning decades the minor premiers and reigning back-to-back premiers Yanac Tigers lined up against the second played Warracknabeal Hoops in the open final. 

Warrack had previously won 4 total in the WHA although they’ve played 14 including a B grade final.  Out of 5 meetings in grand finals since 2006 Tigers have relegated Hoops runners up 4 times, and Hoops were keen to balance out some history.  Hoops last beat Tigers in the final in 2007.

The match was hotly although fairly contested from the outset with neither team able to score under the hot sun.  Great moves were made down the wing with Jamie Harding drawing the ball in just off the line to move it down the field.  Nathan Alexander sent the ball into attack several times with a skilful flick overhead.  Full backs were strong on both sides with Kim Croot and Vern Wheaton for Yanac while Stephen Laverty and Will Hewitt for Warrack were also strong.  Goalies were top of the range with Murray Miller deflecting for Tigers while Jordan Williamson was stellar for Hoops.  Simon Farmers, Shaun Alexander and Adam Clohesy were making moves for Tigers but came across a strong half back line in Hoops’ Brad McKenzie, Darren Brown and Hamish Wagenknecht.  Hoops’ Paul Slater and Marcus Williamson were skilful through the centre outmaneuvering their opposition but could not convert.

Half time score was 0-0.

Early in the second half Hoops were awarded a stroke due to the ball being ‘caught’ on the line.  Experienced Jarrod Knoop converted this to put Hoops in the lead.  The tempo rose but to no avail for several minutes.  With 15 minutes to go Sam Bone deflected in an equaliser which saw the full time score finish at 1-1.

With scores still locked at 1-1 after extra time, strokes followed, with Hoops lining up first.  Teams remained neck and neck until the final stroke.

Hoops scored two through Ethan Schilling and Marcus Williamson while Tigers scored two through Nathan Alexander and Bradley Alexander to be level 2-2 strokes after the round of five.

1st strokers: Hoops Paul Slater missed, Tigers Jamie Harding missed.

2nd strokers: Hoops Ethan Schilling scored, Tigers Bradley Alexander scored.

3rd strokers: Hoops Marcus Williamson scored, Tigers Nathan Alexander scored.

4th strokers: Hoops Brad McKenzie missed, Tigers Adam Clohesy missed.

5th strokers: Hoops Jarrod Knoop missed, Tigers Kim Croot with the first chance to win, missed.

Three rounds of sudden death flicks followed with Hoops Ethan Schilling being the only player to score from six flicks.

Sudden death strokes

1st strokers: Hoops Paul Slater missed, Tigers Jamie Harding missed.

2nd strokers: Hoops Marcus Williamson missed, Tigers Bradley Alexander missed.

3rd strokers: Hoops Ethan Schilling scored, Tigers Nathan Alexander missed.

Goalies Murray Miller and Jordan Williamson were each impressive during the series of deciders being proactive goalies, quick and agile and can take a lot of credit for the low scoring rates.

Final score was 4-3 in favour of Hoops.

Umpires’ best for Hoops were goalie Jordan Williamson, Stephen Laverty and Brad McKenzie.  Umpires’ best for Tigers were Bradley Alexander, Nathan Alexander and Jamie Harding.

The Ken Flack Medal for Best on Ground in the Open Grand Final, presented by Ken Flack, was awarded to Tigers’ Nathan Alexander as a determined and consistent centre half back.

Ken Flack has been associated with the Wimmera association for many years.  After presenting the Ken Flack medal, he announced that he was ‘handing in his umpires cards’ and would like for someone else to be recognised with the Open Best on Ground award to be named after them – member to be decided on at a later date.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014





Kaniva Raiders 2 def Yanac Warriors 1

Goals: Raiders, Adam Feder 1, Lachlan Clark 1; Warriors, Joseph Morphett 1.

Umpire Votes: Raiders, Hannah Braisby 3, Jaden Hendy 2, Kylan Hendy 1; Warriors, Brittany Keam 3, Alex Magrath 2, Joseph Morphett 1.

Peter Colbert Medal for Best on Ground: Hannah Braisby, Kaniva Raiders.

Umpires: Charlie Martin and Jake Ronaldson.



Yanac Women 1 def Dimboola Women 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 1.

Umpire Votes: Yanac Women, Alana Colbert 3, Erin Alexander 2, Louise Bone 1; Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 3, Ashlee Crowhurst 2, Kelly Smithyman 1.

Jane Gregson Memorial Medal for Best on Ground: Anne Blackwood, Yanac Women.

Umpires: Charlie Martin and Samantha Bennetts.



Warracknabeal Hoops 4 def Yanac Tigers 3

Goals: Hoops, Ethan Schilling 2, Jarrod Knoop 1, Marcus Williamson 1; Tigers, Nathan Alexander 1, Bradley Alexander 1, Sam Bone 1.

Umpire Votes: Hoops, Jordan Williamson 3, Stephen Laverty 2, Brad McKenzie 1; Tigers, Bradley Alexander 3, Nathan Alexander 2, Jamie Harding 1.

Ken Flack Medal for Best on Ground: Nathan Alexander, Yanac Tigers.

Umpires: Jake Ronaldson and Samantha Bennetts.