2014 - Preliminary Finals - Results and Review

Preliminary Finals

Saturday 6 September 2014

At Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre

(hosted by Warracknabeal Hockey Club)



Yanac teams secure grand final places in three divisions

Wimmera Hockey Association has its final grand final berths booked following preliminary finals on Saturday.

Yanac Hockey Club has secured the final three places across the three divisions with wins to junior team Warriors, Yanac Women and open team Tigers.

All three games were decided by full time, with a nil-scoreline to each opposition team.

The intense second round of finals was held at the Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre, hosted by Warracknabeal Hockey Club.

Minor premiers in all three divisions have won their way through to the grand final the hard way and will use that momentum when they play next week, when they will meet Kaniva Raiders, Dimboola Women and Warrack Hoops who each booked their places following semi finals qualifying matches.


Minor premiers Yanac Warriors went into the game as favourites against the third placed Warrack Revengers having beaten them comfortably during the season although the Revengers played a determined game and put up a fantastic fight.  The game started slowly with some mid-field action and Warriors having some attack.  To their credit the Revengers defended ‘enormously well’ one Yanac supporter commented.   Revengers Colin Taylor at fullback was in control with young Oskar Bennett on the ball and applying great pressure to the bigger Warriors opponents.  Revengers goalie Zachary Sanders did well when called on with some good clearing kicks.  The first short corner was awarded to Warriors at 17 minutes in but still they could not score.  Jack Dean supplied some good drive through the mid-field with young Serena Foot making some headway down the wing also.  Revengers had a shot or two on goal of their own but were not able to convert.

After a few near misses Warriors were finally able to penetrate the Warrack defence at the 25 minute mark with a field goal converted by young Lewis Wheaton.  Warriors had a fair amount of play in their attacking quarter dominating with great team work with all the team contributing to the game but were unable to convert any more before the break due to the great defence by Warrack.  Warriors were 1-0 up at half time.

Three minutes into the second half Todd Alexander scored from a short corner.  Alex Magrath scored with a beautiful backhand shot at the 17 minute mark.

This was a well contested game from both sides with constant turnovers creating a great spectator game.  Revengers worked hard until the very end.  In the end Warriors won 3-0 after a hard fought game, and will take the final place in the junior grand final next week.

Best for Warriors were Todd Alexander, Jaidyn Honeyman and Zachary Dorrington.  Best for Revengers were Colin Taylor, Oskar Bennett and Jack Dean.


Minor premiers Yanac Women played the fourth placed Horsham Highlanders in the second chance match for a place in the grand final.  Yanac had beaten Highlanders comfortably several times during the season.  However, on paper this women’s game could have gone either way with Horsham Highlanders on a roll after last week and having a full and strong lineup this week.  Highlanders have also come from behind to win a grand final or two so they were not to be underestimated.  But there was no chance of that this week as Yanac Women were determined and used confidence in their game play and teammates to play a solid game right from the first whistle.

Yanac scored off a short corner three minutes into the match through Louise Bone who is equal top women’s scorer for the season.  Carmel Beattie added to that at the 17 minute mark with a field goal giving Yanac some breathing room and they never looked back.  Erin Alexander scored from a direct hit from a short corner at the 32 minute mark.

On the warmish day Yanac was controlling the game with Erin Alexander everywhere Highlanders turned.  Louise Bone and Caitlyn Smith were providing great drive on the forward line creating plenty of opportunities for Yanac.

Highlanders kept the pressure on as well with some good defence by Karen Triffitt and Kiah Zietsman at full back.  Lucy O’Connor and Launa Schilling were providing some opportunities from half back with Robyn Creek, Mikaela Turvey and Suzanne Puls providing some attack also.

Yanac was up 3-0 at half time.

Yanac’s Caitlyn Smith scored 7 minutes into the second half off a short corner while Joanna Werner scored at the 25 minute mark from a field goal.

A goal scored by Joanne Pedie would have added another goal to the tally but alas the whistle had already been blown and the sneaky goal from a cross in front of goal did not count.

Highlanders put on a good display of hockey but have bowed out this year the same time as they did last year, which was also to Yanac in the preliminary final.

With five different scorers in the match Yanac Women were in control and showed breadth in attack as they have done throughout the season, to win a comfortable 5-0 and their way through to the grand final.

Well done to Yanac’s young goalie Brittany Keam who played the junior and women’s finals despite carrying an injury sustained last week during the junior strokes.  Fortunately for Yanac this week the demand on her position was not as intense as last week.

Best for Yanac Women were Louise Bone, Caitlyn Smith and Erin Alexander.  Best for Highlanders were Lucy O’Connor, Launa Schilling and Robyn Creek.


Fast even play began the open preliminary finals match between minor premiers, also reigning premiers, Yanac Tigers against the fourth placed Dimboola Men.  Dimboola has been on a roll at the right end of the season playing some very close matches against the Tigers in their recent encounters and this match was going to be close also.

Both teams presented great defence with neither team able to score.  Caleb Halsall and Brett Tischler at full back and Ellie Woods in goals for Dimboola were strong clearing any shots by Tigers.  Tigers goalie Murray Miller also made some clearing kicks with full backs Kim Croot and Vern Wheaton providing experience and stability often preventing the ball reaching the last line.  Half time score was 0-0.

Into the second half Tigers got the early jump and scored through Michael Dart.  With 23 minutes to go in the match there was still plenty of time for more scoring and the match continued evenly with strong play by both teams, but nobody could convert.

With time running down the pressure was on with Dimboola needing to score to stay in the match.  With Tigers only having one on the board this was a distinct possibility and Dimboola was giving it everything.  Dimboola’s Nathan Jorgensen at inner was providing good attack with help from Zack Slater-Collard through the centre.  Tim Jorgensen at centre half back, James Keating and James Klinge on half backs were pushing up to create opportunities.  For Tigers Simon Farmers was playing a perfect left half back providing good defence as well as pushing up, using classy level headed manoeuvres to win the ball and push forward.  Nathan Alexander was directing play well from centre half back.  Adam Clohesy, Jamie Harding and Tom Cook were attacking strongly through the mid-field.  A substantial lineup provided fresh legs in the day’s warmth which perhaps gave them an extra edge.  As the game wore on the pace quickened and the game fired up.  Big hits were used and the final minutes were getting desperate.  James Klinge received a possible concussion following a clash with only a few minutes to go.  Intensity was high but Tigers’ defence held fast.  Tigers won 1-0, to claim their place in the grand final.

Best for Tigers were Simon Farmers, Adam Clohesy and Nathan Alexander.  Best for Dimboola Men was Nathan Jorgensen, James Klinge and Brett Tischler.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014





Yanac Warriors 3 def Warrack Revengers 0

Goals: Warriors, Alex Magrath 1, Todd Alexander 1, Lewis Wheaton 1.

Umpire Votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Zachary Dorrington 1; Revengers, Colin Taylor 3, Oskar Bennett 2, Jack Dean 1.

Umpires: Sally Klinge and Helen Cannell.



Yanac Women 5 def Horsham Highlanders 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 1, Louise Bone 1, Caitlyn Smith 1, Carmel Beattie 1, Joanna Werner 1.

Umpire Votes: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 3, Caitlyn Smith 2, Erin Alexander 1; Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor 3, Launa Schilling 2, Robyn Creek 1.

Umpires: Clint Beattie and Simon King.



Yanac Tigers 1 def Dimboola Men 0

Goals: Tigers, Michael Dart 1.

Umpire Votes: Tigers, Simon Farmers 3, Adam Clohesy 2, Nathan Alexander 1; Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 3, James Klinge 2, Brett Tischler 1.

Umpires: Clint Beattie and Trevor James.