2014 - Semi Finals - Review and Results

Semi Finals

Saturday 30 August 2014

At Yanac



Intense hockey as finals begin

Wimmera Hockey Association has its first grand final berths booked following an intense round of semi finals on Saturday.

Kaniva Raiders, Dimboola Women and Warracknabeal Hoops have each booked their place in the major final after incredibly close matches with each of the qualifying finals going at least to extra time.  The junior and open finals went to strokes while the juniors needed sudden death strokes to decide the result.

The intense first round of finals were held at Yanac where the grounds were lush, green and fast while the weather was incredibly warm for a winter sport and this almost certainly impacted results.

Minor premiers in all three divisions each lost their semis although they will each get their second chance in the preliminary finals next week.  Every match played finished with close results with one match having a two-goal difference while the remaining five matches finished with only one goal separating the teams.

Every club was represented with at least one team competing in the semi finals.


Minor premiers Yanac Warriors and second placed Kaniva Raiders played a marathon junior qualifying final in the early timeslot of 9.30am with the grass still slightly dewey and slippery.  The game was fast, each had plenty of chances and there were four conversions from each team by the end of playing time, including extra time.  Yanac had scored first within the first two minutes of play but Kaniva had soon replied.  Scores were locked at 2-2 at half time.  In the second half Warriors scored first and Kaniva replied, to be locked at 3-3 at full time.  Teams scored a goal each in extra time with Raiders still playing catch up.  Strokes were taken with scores still level after each team had taken their five with each team converting four.  Three rounds of sudden death strokes were needed to decide the result.  Both teams missed their first sudden deaths, both teams scored their second, Warriors missed their third while a conversion by Raiders Duncan Shalders sealed Raiders spot in the grand final.  Final score was 10-9.  Warriors will have their second chance match next week.  Best for the final were Lachie Mills for Raiders, who also converted two strokes, and Todd Alexander for Warriors, who also scored twice during the match and converted a stroke.

In the elimination final third placed Warrack Revengers and fourth placed Nhill Leopards played an even first half with Revengers scoring through Oskar Bennett late in the half off a short corner.  Jack Dean scored early in the second half and then the play continued along evenly.  Leopards missed some opportunities and the game finished with Revengers winning a close 2-0.  Leopards bow out after a hard fought match on a warm day while Revengers will continue their finals campaign next week, meeting the Warriors in the preliminary final.  Best for Revengers was Colin Taylor while Blake Miller put in a top effort for Leopards.


Minor premiers Yanac Women played second placed Dimboola Women in the women’s qualifying final.  With stakes high Yanac started with some attack before Dimboola ran the field and scored through Annabel Askin.  Yanac’s defence was good but Dimboola pushed through again to convert a field goal through Adina King.  Yanac replied with a field goal through Louise Bone with Dimboola leading 2-1 at half time.  Yanac had chances to score including from a short corner early in the half but could not penetrate Dimboola’s defence.  It took some more drive through Caitlyn Smith for Yanac to win another short corner from which Erin Alexander scored to even the game.  Dimboola used quick passing and play to score a short corner but Yanac’s Alana Colbert deflected Elizabeth Klinge’s hit.  Defence on both sides was good with the full time score locked at 2-2.  Dimboola dominated early minutes of extra time but could not convert.  Yanac had a good field run but were blocked.  With the weather heating up both teams were tiring.  Dimboola applied more pressure and scored through Claire Breed.  Both teams were putting in everything wanting the win but time ran out and Dimboola claimed the first grand final berth with a 3-2 win.  Best for Dimboola was Jennifer Klinge providing drive at inner, while Yanac’s Sheree Shurdington was a strong defender.  Yanac will play their second chance match next week.

In the elimination final third placed Nhill Thunderbirds played fourth placed Horsham Highlanders with both teams utilising several junior players which provided fresh legs in the day’s heat.  Highlanders have had an inconsistent season with unavailable and injured players but with the return of a couple of players in the final couple of rounds the team has lifted at the right end of the season.  Nhill’s fast forwardline put the first score on the board through Wendy Crowhurst and a tough even contest followed for the remainder of the first half.  Both teams had multiple opportunities to score with the ball spending long periods in each attacking quarter before being turned over.  Nhill led 1-0 at the break.  Into the second half Highlanders Launa Schilling sustained a cut under the right eye from the ball and left the field under the blood rule.  She returned not long after and with a possible rush of adrenaline was spurred on and soon scored a field goal.  Horsham lifted and scored again through Lucy O’Connor, as Nhill tired in the heat.  Highlanders claimed the win 2-1 at full time and gain the right to continue finals next week.  A courageous and determined Launa Schilling, also sporting a good black eye, was best for Highlanders, while inner Leah Hawker was best for Thunderbirds.


Minor premiers Yanac Tigers met some tough competition in second placed Warrack Hoops.  A very fast and very even match played out as a 0-0 draw at full time. Still no score after extra time saw the teams line up for strokes to decide the match.  Jamie Harding scored first for Tigers followed by Paul Slater for Hoops who also scored.  Bradley Alexander scored Tigers second while Hoops Ethan Schilling was blocked.  Nathan Alexander converted Tigers third as did Hoops Marcus Williamson.  Tigers Adam Clohesy was unable to convert while Hoops Brad McKenzie did.  With scores locked at three each the fifth strokers lined up.  An uncharacteristic miss by Kim Croot gave Hoops the first chance to get in front.  Jarrod Knoop converted his stroke which gave the Hoops the 4-3 win and the first open grand final berth.  Best for Hoops was full back Stephen Laverty while half back Simon Farmers was best for Tigers.  Tigers will get the second chance next week.

A close elimination match between third placed Kaniva Cobras and fourth placed Dimboola Men was the last match for the day with the sun still shining hotly.  Cobras have been several points ahead of Dimboola on the ladder but the Dimboola team has lifted in the last few weeks with the return of James Klinge helping to open up the field of play.  With Cobras plagued by several injuries in recent weeks this was going to be a close match.  The match began with Dimboola attacking well with drive from Nathan Jorgensen and James Klinge with the latter scoring in the first half to give Dimboola a 1-0 lead.  Kaniva was using big hits to move up the field but they could not convert.  Dimboola scored again in the second half through Nathan Jorgensen before Cobras gained one back through David Cole with some clever play around the goalie.  With the sun shining hot it was a test of fitness and stamina.  Dimboola attacked well but came up against some strong defence by Cobras.  Cobras were not able to convert again despite some opportunities with Dimboola taking the win 2-1 and the rights to continue finals next week.  Best for Dimboola was James Klinge while Adam Wallis was best for Cobras.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014





Qualifying Final –

Kaniva Raiders 10 def Yanac Warriors 9

Goals: Raiders, Lachie Mills 2, Lachlan Clark 2, Duncan Shalders 2, Adam Feder 2, Jaden Hendy 1, Max Goodwin 1; Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Joshua Magrath 1, Alex Magrath 1, Zachary Dorrington 1, Shanaye Alexander 1, Joseph Morphett 1, Jaidyn Honeyman 1.

Umpire Votes: Raiders, Lachie Mills 3, Luke Shalders 2, Jaden Hendy 1; Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Zachary Dorrington 1.

Umpires: Graeme Janetzki and Marcus Williamson.


Elimination Final –

Warrack Revengers 2 def Nhill Leopards 0

Goals: Revengers, Jack Dean 1, Oskar Bennett 1.

Umpire Votes: Revengers, Colin Taylor 3, Charlie Dean 2, Oskar Bennett 1, Serena Foot 1; Leopards, Blake Miller 3, Chloe Newcombe 2, Lachie Wilde 1.

Umpires: Launa Schilling and Robyn Creek.



Qualifying Final –

Dimboola Women 3 def Yanac Women 2

Goals: Dimboola Women, Annabel Askin 1, Adina King 1, Claire Breed 1; Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 1, Louise Bone 1.

Umpire Votes: Dimboola Women, Jennifer Klinge 3, Cara Hadzig 2, Annabel Askin 1; Yanac Women, Sheree Shurdington 3, Erin Alexander 2, Louise Bone 1.

Umpires: Helen Cannell and Barry Schilling.


Elimination Final –

Horsham Highlanders 2 def Nhill Thunderbirds 1

Goals: Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor 1, Launa Schilling 1; Thunderbirds, Wendy Crowhurst 1.

Umpire Votes: Highlanders, Launa Schilling 3, Mikaela Turvey 2, Lucy O’Connor 1; Thunderbirds, Leah Hawker 3, Lauren Bendall 2, Emma Janetzki 1.

Umpires: Shaun Carter and Sally Klinge.



Qualifying Final –

Warrack Hoops 4 def Yanac Tigers 3

Goals: Hoops, Brad McKenzie 1, Marcus Williamson 1, Paul Slater 1, Jarrod Knoop 1; Tigers, Nathan Alexander 1, Jamie Harding 1, Bradley Alexander 1.

Umpire Votes: Hoops, Stephen Laverty 3, William Hewitt 2, Paul Slater 1; Tigers, Simon Farmers 3, Tom Cook 2, Vern Wheaton 1.

Umpires: Clint Beattie and Trevor James.


Elimination Final –

Dimboola Men 2 def Kaniva Cobras 1

Goals: Dimboola Men, James Klinge 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1; Cobras, David Cole 1.

Umpire Votes:  Dimboola Men, James Klinge 3, Nathan Jorgensen 2, James Keating 1, Lachlan Schultz 1; Cobras, Adam Wallis 3, Tim Eastwood 2, Braden Clark 1, David Cole 1.

Umpires: Stuart Hoffman and Simon King.