2014 - Round 18 Review, Results and Ladders

Round 18

Saturday 23 August 2014

At Anzac Park, Warracknabeal



Warm conditions for final home and away round

Wimmera Hockey Association round 18 matches were held at Anzac Park in Warracknabeal on Saturday.  There were several close results in the final round of home and away matches, perhaps due to changed lineups, warmish conditions, longish grass and bumpy ground impacting the play.

Ladder orders remain the same in women’s and open divisions for the fifth consecutive week.  The junior ladder had a minor change in the lower order but it does not affect finals berths for next week.


Dimboola Kangaroos recorded their first win for the season in their final game and this sneaks them off the bottom of the junior ladder.  Kangaroos and their fellow clubmates Dimboola Kookaburras played a close game with no score by half time.  Kangaroos were awarded a penalty stroke in the second half which Hayden Withers converted for the 1-0 win.  Hayden Withers was best for Kangaroos while Jessica Revell was best for Kookaburras.

Minor premiers Yanac Warriors secured a comfortable win over Warrack Revengers 5-0.  Jaidyn Honeyman scored a hat-trick and best on ground rites.  Goalie Justin Foot was named best for Revengers.

Kaniva Raiders and Nhill Leopards played a very even game with no score a half time.  With eight minutes to go Duncan Shalders converted the winning goal.  Leopards goalie Jake Murden saved one off the pads with two minutes to go to keep the score to a very close 1-0 win to Raiders.  Clever and consistent Luke Shalders at inner was named best for Raiders, while Lachie Wilde was a calm and collected full back for Leopards.

Horsham Bombers had the bye.


Horsham Highlanders began with control of their match for the first five minutes before Warrack Women turned it over and scored first blood.  Horsham enjoyed the majority of the play in their attacking half with 10 short corners but could not convert.  Warrack led by a goal at the break.  Highlanders came out firing in the second half scoring three times in the first 15 minutes.  Warrack also scored again but Highlanders took the win 3-2.  Lucy O’Connor spent time on a wing and earned the best on ground title, while the return of injured Robyn Creek at centre half back also boosted the side.  Half back Teagan Roche was best for Warrack.

Kaniva Women put up a good fight with nothing to lose in their last match.  Despite being the only team in the association’s three divisions to not register a win for the season, the Kaniva team always works hard and improves every week, this time keeping the Nhill Thunderbirds to a 2-0 win which is an improvement on some larger margins to them earlier in the season.  Leah Hawker scored both goals and was amongst the best.  Kaniva put some pressure on scoring a few short corners themselves but could not convert.  Emma Janetzki at centre half back also spending some time on a wing was best for Thunderbirds.  Left half back Rachel Clark was named best for Kaniva.

In a finals preview Dimboola Women have delivered Yanac Women their first loss for the season in the final home and away round.  The play was even with both teams having plenty of chances to score.  Yanac were missing strong contributors in the Blackwood sisters Anne and Erin (now Alexander) due to a wedding although teammates rallied well.  Dimboola’s Adina King scored in the first half to take a one-goal lead at the break.  Quick play by Dimboola in the second half with drive from inner Jennifer Klinge gave them plenty of chances to score but they could not convert again thanks to Yanac’s ‘ninja’ goalie Brittany Keam, who finally got to display her talents this week.  Yanac also had drive through Louise Bone and Caitlyn Smith but no score gave Dimboola the close 1-0 win.  Elizabeth Klinge at centre half back was best for Dimboola, while right half back Alana Colbert was best for Yanac.


Warrack Hoops scored twice before Horsham Hurricanes got one back to stay in the game before half time.  Hoops scored three more in the second half while Hurricanes’ Paul Mackereth scored his second goal for the game to finish their season on a very respectable loss of 5-2 to a top two team.  Centre half back Brad McKenzie was named best for Hoops while Paul Mackereth also at centre half back was best for Hurricanes.

Kaniva Cobras and Nhill Rangers played an even match with both teams having shots on goal.  Both teams were utilising juniors and female players to boost numbers and the play was very competitive, despite Rangers missing their strong full back in Mont Miller due to a foot injury.  Kaniva scored first through Braden Clark.  Rangers leveled the score before half time through David Reichelt who usually plays in defence spanning a long career, scoring a career first goal.  Rangers Alex Pipkorn scored from a short corner early into the second half to take a one-goal lead.  Cobras Clint Beattie came onto the forward line and scored a text book field goal deflection from the spot to level the scores, and then scored another to give Cobras the 3-2 win.  Inner Lee Marra was named best for Cobras, while skilful Alex Pipkorn at centre half back was best for Rangers.

Yanac Tigers already with the minor premiership played another close game with Dimboola Men.  Tigers scored first before Dimboola scored a goal that was disallowed.  Both teams had scoring opportunities.  Fearless goalie Ellie Woods kept the Tigers at bay with the score at 1-0 at half time.  Trevor Krelle dived for the ball but was not quite quick enough to goal for Dimboola.  Dimboola’s defence was strong under great pressure from Tigers Jamie Harding and Adam Clohesy until eventually Adam Clohesy scored with a solid hit to the backboard.  A super back hand shot from Zack Slater-Collard with five minutes to go brought the margin back to 2-1.  Dimboola had another chance to score but missed by a bare margin for Tigers to take the win.  Centre half back Nathan Alexander directed play well for Tigers, while right half back James Klinge put in a top match for Dimboola.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014




Dimboola Kangaroos 1 def Dimboola Kookaburras 0

Goals: Kangaroos, Hayden Withers 1.

Umpire votes: Kangaroos, Hayden Withers 3, Zoe Pilmore 2, Kaylee Withers 1; Kookaburras, Jessica Revell 3, Corey Trevena 2, Danny Moore 1.


Yanac Warriors 5 def Warrack Revengers 0

Goals: Warriors, Jaidyn Honeyman 3, Shanaye Alexander 1, Lewis Wheaton 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Jaidyn Honeyman 3, Todd Alexander 2, Joshua Magrath 1, Shanaye Alexander 1; Revengers, Justin Foot 3, Colin Taylor 2, Jack Dean 1, Oskar Bennett 1.


Kaniva Raiders 1 def Nhill Leopards 0

Goals: Raiders, Duncan Shalders 1.

Umpire votes: Raiders, Luke Shalders 3, Max Goodwin 2, Lachie Mills 1, Duncan Shalders 1; Leopards, Lachie Wilde 3, Victoria Janetzki 2, Chloe Newcombe 1, Jason Reichelt 1.



Horsham Highlanders 3 def Warrack Women 2

Goals: Highlanders, Mikaela Turvey 1, Ashleigh Fogarty 1, Kira Guest 1; Warrack Women, Meredith Knoop 1, Jenna Livingstone 1.

Umpire votes: Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor 3, Robyn Creek 2, Mikaela Turvey 1; Warrack Women, Teagan Roche 3, Alana Argent 2, Kelly O’Brien 1, Donna Robinson 1.


Nhill Thunderbirds 2 def Kaniva Women 0

Goals: Thunderbirds, Leah Hawker 2.

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Emma Janetzki 3, Leah Hawker 2, Lauren Bendall 1, Stephanie Daly 1; Kaniva Women, Rachel Clark 3, Nyree Hutchins 2, Julie Braisby 1.


Dimboola Women 1 def Yanac Women 0

Goals: Dimboola Women, Adina King 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 3, Jennifer Klinge 2, Brooke Nuske 1, Kelly Smithyman 1; Yanac Women, Alana Colbert 3, Louise Bone 2, Joanna Werner 1, Shanaye Alexander 1.



Warrack Hoops 5 def Horsham Hurricanes 2

Goals: Hoops, Paul Slater 2, Ethan Schilling 1, Marcus Williamson 1, Jordan Williamson 1; Hurricanes, Paul Mackereth 2.

Umpire votes: Hoops, Brad McKenzie 3, Paul Slater 2, Jordan Williamson 1, Stephen Laverty 1; Hurricanes, Paul Mackereth 3, Stuart Hoffman 2, David Jochinke 1.


Kaniva Cobras 3 def Nhill Rangers 2

Goals: Cobras, Clint Beattie 2, Braden Clark 1; Rangers, Alex Pipkorn 1, David Reichelt 1.

Umpire votes: Cobras, Lee Marra 3, Adam Wallis 2, Braden Clark 1; Rangers, Alex Pipkorn 3, Trevor James 2, David Reichelt 1.


Yanac Tigers 2 def Dimboola Men 1

Goals: Tigers, Josh Cramer 1, Adam Clohesy 1; Dimboola Men, Zack Slater-Collard 1.

Umpire votes: Tigers, Nathan Alexander 3, Michael Dart 2, Tom Cook 1; Dimboola Men, James Klinge 3, Nathan Jorgensen 2, Caleb Halsall 1, Brett Tischler 1.




Junior Boys

Kylan Hendy                    Kaniva Raiders                 26

Lachie Mills                      Kaniva Raiders                 23

Jaidyn Honeyman            Yanac Warriors                  22

Todd Alexander               Yanac Warriors                 17

Jack Dean                       Warrack Revengers          16


Junior Girls

Shanaye Alexander         Yanac Warriors                  15

Kaitlyn Miller                   Yanac Warriors                  8

Sophie Pipkorn                 Yanac Warriors                 8

Ellie Murden                     Nhill Leopards                   6

Liliana Goodwin                Kaniva Raiders                  5



Louise Bone                     Yanac Women                16

Annabel Askin                  Dimboola Women           16

Kelly Smithyman              Dimboola Women           16

Lauren Bendall                 Nhill Thunderbirds           13

Erin Alexander                  Yanac Women               11

Jemma Schultz                 Dimboola Women           11



Marcus Williamson          Warrack Hoops                 15

Nathan Jorgensen           Dimboola Men                  13

Adam Clohesy                Yanac Tigers                    12

Barry Schilling                Warrack Hoops                11

Braden Clark                  Kaniva Cobras                 11

Paul Slater                     Warrack Hoops                 11



- after Round 18


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Warriors 64 140 2900%
  Kaniva Raiders 60 99 595%
  Warrack Revengers 42 10 134%
  Nhill Leopards 40 23 196%
  Horsham Bombers 24 -49 34%
  Dimboola Kangaroos 12 -117 8%
  Dimboola Kookaburras  10 -106 9%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 64 50 814%
  Dimboola Women 62 53 365%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 36 18 162%
  Horsham Highlanders 30 -26 59%
  Warrack Women 20 -29 40%
  Kaniva Women 4 -66 11%




Goal Difference

Goal Percentage

  Yanac Tigers 66 58 1067%
  Warrack Hoops 58 48 309%
  Kaniva Cobras 48 15 165%
  Dimboola Men 26 -7 83%
  Horsham Hurricanes 10 -55 21%
  Nhill Rangers 8 -59 9%