2014 - Round 17 Review, Results and Ladders

Round 17

Saturday 16 August 2014

Split Round

At Kaniva Recreation Reserve


Davis Park, Nhill



Ladder orders still the same

Wimmera Hockey Association round 17 matches were split with matches at Kaniva and Nhill on Saturday. 

Ladder orders remain the same in all three divisions for the fourth consecutive week.

There are a couple of minor changes that are possible within the junior ladder top four but the top four teams in each division have booked their finals berths with one home and away round to go.


Yanac Warriors had a strong win over Dimboola Kookaburras 17-0.  Usual goalie Brittany Keam took the field and scored a hat-trick.  Todd Alexander, also with two goals, was best for Warriors.  Lachlan Schultz shone for Kookaburras.  The win for Warriors all but seals their minor premiership with one game to go.

Nhill Leopards and Horsham Bombers played a close match.  Leopards were up one goal at the break and the teams scored one each in the second half.  Leopards won 2-1.  Chloe Newcombe put in a top match at centre half back for Leopards while full back Kiah Zietsman was best for Bombers.

Kaniva Raiders won 5-0 over Warrack Revengers.  Raiders had a strong line up and on their home ground they got a good start.  Revengers had a couple of first-gamers playing and although their consistent best put in strong performances they could not penetrate the good defence from Raiders.  Raiders were best served by half back Jaden Hendy.  Colin Taylor at full back put in another top performance for Revengers.

Dimboola Kangaroos had the bye.


Top team Yanac Women played bottom team Kaniva Women but it was a close game, with both teams missing key forward players which impacted the result.  Yanac were missing their top scorer inner Louise Bone while Kaniva were missing inner Lisa Stimson, both key players for their teams.  Kaniva penetrated the Yanac circle briefly once or twice although Yanac was the team applying most of the pressure.  There was a lot of midfield play with Yanac able to turn over several Kaniva advances.  Kaniva’s deep defence was strong under pressure holding the unbeaten team to a nil score at half time.  Yanac upped the pressure in the second half, sneaking in a first goal early in the half then sealing it with minutes to go to win 2-0.  Yanac were best served by Sheree Shurdington at full back who also showed versatility later playing on the wing, while Rachel Clark at left half back and then centre forward was named best for Kaniva.  The win to Yanac gives them the minor premiership with one game to go.

Nhill Thunderbirds and Warrack Women played each other for the second consecutive week and played a draw for the second consecutive week.  Last week on the turf was 0-0 while this week on grass at Nhill was 1-1.  Warrack had needed a win to keep their finals hopes alive and began strongly dominating play and scored five minutes into the game through Nicol Wilson.  Nhill stepped up the pressure taking control of the play and scored through Stephanie Daly to level the score just before half time.  Both sides had chances to score in the second half including short corners to both within the last five minutes but neither side could capitalise.  Thunderbirds centre forward Lauren Bendall was named best while inner Linley Arnold-Wardle was named best for Warrack.

Horsham Highlanders dominated early play in their match against Dimboola Women with great defence pushing forward to help score a field goal through young Mia Guest to lead at the break.  Dimboola upped the pressure and scored through five individual scorers in the second half to take a 5-1 win.  Centre half back Elizabeth Klinge was best for Dimboola.  Kiah Zietsman at full back was named best for Highlanders, incidentally her second best on ground performance for the day, after earlier being named best for her own junior team Bombers.


Warrack Hoops have beaten Nhill Rangers for the second consecutive week but the Rangers put in a strong performance keeping the second placed Hoops to a goal each half this match.  Rangers applied pressure and had their share of the play in a great effort until Hoops scored in the last five minutes of the first half.  Hoops scored again mid-way through the second half to win 2-0.  Full back Hamish Wagenknecht was best for Hoops.  Half back Graeme Janetzki was best for Rangers.

Dimboola Men and Horsham Hurricanes played an even first half with scores locked at a goal each at the break.  Tim Jorgensen scored first for Dimboola before Adam Schwebel scored for Hurricanes.  Dimboola had a few chances to score in the second half, capitalising twice.  Horsham was very competitive with the help of some Yanac juniors helping to make up numbers.  Dimboola won 3-1.  Centre forward Nathan Jorgensen also with a goal was best for Dimboola.  Centre half back Paul Mackereth put in a strong performance for Hurricanes.

Yanac Tigers remain unbeaten but Kaniva Cobras have kept them to their third draw for the season after a skilful game despite neither team fielding their full regular line ups.  A slight bounce in the ground made trapping difficult at times with the fast pace but both teams used this to advantage to hit through down the wings to create several opportunities.  Cobras scored a short corner on half time but went wide.  The match was tightly fought with Kaniva pushing quite hard putting Tigers on the back foot at times.   Both teams had chances, including one by Tigers which went into the goal but after consultation between umpires was disallowed.  Tigers upped the tempo but Cobras defence held out despite Tigers earning a short corner which was played out after the final whistle.  Neither team could convert for a 0-0 result.  Cobras right half back Braden Clark was named best while goalie Murray Miller was named best for Tigers.

Tigers sealed their minor premiership last week but given the closeness of this game the looming finals could have extraordinary outcomes.  All four of the top teams results may hinge on what line ups they have come finals with several teams struggling with consistency of line ups in the last few weeks.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014




At Kaniva


Yanac Warriors 17 def Dimboola Kookaburras 0

Goals: Warriors, Brittany Keam 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Alex Magrath 2, Shanaye Alexander 2, Tempany Croot 2, Todd Alexander 2, Joshua Magrath 1, Zachary Dorrington 1, Hannah Honeyman 1, Joseph Morphett 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Hannah Honeyman 1; Kookaburras, Lachlan Schultz 3, Daniel Danisch 2, Chloe Barry 1.


Kaniva Raiders 5 def Warrack Revengers 0

Goals: Raiders, Lachlan Clark 2, Kylan Hendy 1, Lachie Mills 1, Brandon Rich 1.

Umpire votes: Raiders, Jaden Hendy 3, Luke Shalders 2, Kylan Hendy 1; Revengers, Colin Taylor 3, Oskar Bennett 2, Jack Dean 1.



Yanac Women 2 def Kaniva Women 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Carmel Beattie 1, Caitlyn Smith 1.

Umpire votes: Yanac Women, Sheree Shurdington 3, Carmel Beattie 2, Erin Alexander 1, Caitlyn Smith 1; Kaniva Women, Rachel Clark 3, Jessica Eadon 2, Nakita Jewell 1, Tina Stewart 1.



Kaniva Cobras 0 drew with Yanac Tigers 0

Goals: NA

Umpire votes: Cobras, Braden Clark 3, David Cole 2, Brandon Rich 1; Tigers, Murray Miller 3, Adam Clohesy 2, Todd Alexander 1.


Dimboola Men 3 def Horsham Hurricanes 1

Goals: Dimboola Men, Tim Jorgensen 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1, Zack Slater-Collard 1; Hurricanes, Adam Schwebel 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 3, Tim Jorgensen 2, Caleb Halsall 1, James Klinge 1; Hurricanes, Paul Mackereth 3, Tim Davey 2, Daniel Pumpa 1, David Jochinke 1.


At Davis Park, Nhill


Nhill Leopards 2 def Horsham Bombers 1

Goals: Leopards, Sharma Delaney 1, Nicholas Donnell 1; Bombers, Nick Lattanzio 1.

Umpire votes: Leopards, Chloe Newcombe 3, Amelia Rintoule 2, Dakarai Delaney 1, Emily Koop 1; Bombers, Kiah Zietsman 3, William Gulline 2, Mikayla Farmers 1, Traiyth Leffler 1.



Nhill Thunderbirds 1 drew with Warrack Women 1

Goals: Thunderbirds, Stephanie Daly 1; Warrack Women, Nicol Wilson 1.

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Lauren Bendall 3, Stephanie Daly 2, Emma Janetzki 1, Wendy Crowhurst 1; Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle 3, Kelly O’Brien 2, Teagan Roche 1.


Dimboola Women 5 def Horsham Highlanders 1

Goals: Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 1, Brooke Nuske 1, Kelly Smithyman 1, Jennifer Klinge 1, Jemma Schultz 1; Highlanders, Mia Guest 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 3, Brooke Nuske 2, Kelly Smithyman 1; Highlanders, Kiah Zietsman 3, Launa Schilling 2, Lucy O’Connor 1.



Warrack Hoops 2 def Nhill Rangers 0

Goals: Hoops, Lachlan Schultz 1, Barry Schilling 1.

Umpire votes: Hoops, Hamish Wagenknecht 3, Marcus Williamson 2, Royce Bennett 1, Darius Cosgrave 1; Rangers, Graeme Janetzki 3, Talor Dent 2, Alex Pipkorn 1.




Junior Boys

Kylan Hendy                  Kaniva Raiders                   26

Lachie Mills                    Kaniva Raiders                   23

Jaidyn Honeyman           Yanac Warriors                  19

Todd Alexander              Yanac Warriors                  17

Jack Dean                     Warrack Revengers            16


Junior Girls

Shanaye Alexander         Yanac Warriors                14

Kaitlyn Miller                   Yanac Warriors                 8

Sophie Pipkorn                Yanac Warriors                 8

Ellie Murden                    Nhill Leopards                   6

Liliana Goodwin               Kaniva Raiders                  5



Louise Bone                     Yanac Women               16

Annabel Askin                  Dimboola Women           16

Kelly Smithyman              Dimboola Women           16

Lauren Bendall                 Nhill Thunderbirds           13

Erin Alexander                 Yanac Women                11

Jemma Schultz                 Dimboola Women           11



Marcus Williamson          Warrack Hoops                14

Nathan Jorgensen           Dimboola Men                  13

Adam Clohesy                Yanac Tigers                    11

Barry Schilling                Warrack Hoops                11

Kim Croot                      Yanac Tigers                    10

Braden Clark                  Kaniva Cobras                 10



- after Round 17


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Warriors 60 135 2800%
  Kaniva Raiders 56 98 590%
  Warrack Revengers 42 15 163%
  Nhill Leopards 40 24 204%
  Horsham Bombers 22 -49 34%
  Dimboola Kookaburras 10 -105 9%
  Dimboola Kangaroos  8 -118 7%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 64 51 950%
  Dimboola Women 58 52 360%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 32 16 155%
  Horsham Highlanders 26 -27 56%
  Warrack Women 20 -28 38%
  Kaniva Women 4 -64 11%




Goal Difference

Goal Percentage

  Yanac Tigers 62 57 1240%
  Warrack Hoops 54 45 314%
  Kaniva Cobras 44 14 167%
  Dimboola Men 26 -6 84%
  Horsham Hurricanes 10 -52 20%
  Nhill Rangers 8 -58 6%