2014 - Round 16 Review, Results and Ladders

Round 16

At Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre

(hosted by Horsham Hockey Club)



Ladders all but set with two rounds to go

Wimmera Hockey Association round 16 matches were held Friday and Saturday at Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre, hosted by Horsham club.  Following the weekend there are now only two rounds left before finals and the competition is heating up.  Although the ladder order is not likely to change there have been a few teams stepping up and putting real pressure on higher ranked teams. 

Ladder orders remain the same in all three divisions for the third consecutive week.


Nhill Leopards enjoyed a strong win over Dimboola Kookaburras 9-0.  Inner Blake Miller also with two goals shone for Leopards, while half back Charlie Bird was named best for Kookaburras.  The win secures Leopards the top four spot and a place in the finals in only a few weeks.

Yanac Warriors shared goals around eight scorers in their 17-0 win over Dimboola Kangaroos.  Todd Alexander, also with two goals, shone for Warriors, while full back Zoe Pilmore put in a consistent performance for Kangaroos.

Kaniva Raiders had a solid 8-1 win over Horsham Bombers.  Jayden Hendy at half back was strong for Raiders, while half back Ashleigh Fogarty was strong for Bombers.

Warrack Revengers had the bye.


Fifth placed Warrack Women put in a strong team performance on Friday night with a finals berth still a possibility.  They put pressure on the third placed Nhill Thunderbirds which was evident in Nhill full back Jeanette McLeod receiving top votes for a strong performance under pressure.  The play was even with both teams passing well, making good plays and having chances to score.  Warrack are strengthening at the right end of the season, while Nhill were missing a few players.  Nhill had the attack in the dying minutes but still could not convert with the match ending in an even 0-0 draw.  Alana Argent was named best for Warrack.  With two points from the draw, Warrack Women are still within reach of finals if they win their next two matches while also relying on Horsham Highlanders to lose both of theirs, including the last round when the two teams play each other.

The return of Launa Schilling back into the ranks for Horsham Highlanders helped buoy the side and she put in a best on ground performance at centre half back in her first game after missing 6 consecutive due to an overseas trip.  Yanac were up one goal at the break.  However, even the return of the strong defender was not enough to combat the attack from the dominating Yanac Women, sharing goals around five individual players, and they ran away in the second half.  Louise Bone at inner, also with a goal was named best for Yanac in the 5-0 win.

Dimboola Women flexed their muscles with a strong performance against Kaniva Women on the turf in the late game on Saturday evening.  Kaniva worked hard but could only penetrate the circle a couple of times, once right at the end of the first half making a good forward attack and a shot at goal only seconds away but the whistle beat the hit.  Dimboola were only a couple of goals up at the break but dominated the second half with several short corners and several goals, including hat-tricks to Kelly Smithyman and Annabel Askin.  Inner Jennifer Klinge, with a goal, was a driving force for Dimboola, while centre half back Nyree Hutchins worked consistently hard for Kaniva.  Dimboola won 9-0.


On Friday night the Nhill Rangers started off strongly keeping Warrack Hoops at bay until nine minutes to go in the first half, when three goals were scored in quick succession.  Hoops used skilful team play and the turf to their advantage with their passing, also with a full lineup of skilful players, while Rangers were short players due to the Nhill College production.  Centre forward Paul Slater, also with a goal, shone for Hoops, while Mont Miller showed versatility playing on a half back this week instead of his usual full back position, and still shone for the Rangers.  Hoops won 7-0.

Yanac Tigers played another consistent game with their unbeaten status still intact after a 4-0 win over Horsham Hurricanes and continue to surge ahead on the open ladder.  Inner Adam Clohesy shone for Tigers, also scoring two goals.  Full back David Jochinke was a strong defender for Hurricanes.

Dimboola Men had the upset win over the higher-ranked Kaniva Cobras in a skilful match on Saturday evening.  With a best on ground performance by centre forward Nathan Jorgensen who is stepping up and matching his skilful and consistent brother Tim, this bodes well for the team allowing it to be firing at the right end of the season.    Dimboola are also buoyed by the return of former player James Klinge in the past couple of weeks which has given them strength and direction from the back line.  Cobras are still missing a few key players and relying on juniors to fill the ranks.    Right half back Braden Clark led the way for the Cobras, while Simon Goodwin scored the team’s lone goal, also his career first.  Although Cobras have beaten Dimboola in the past three encounters the last two have only been by a goal.  This game saw the Dimboola side get the upper hand winning 4-1.  The win secures the top four spot for Dimboola and a place in the finals.  With these two teams most likely matching up for the semi finals only three weeks away it may come down to what line up the teams have on the day, despite Cobras being much further ahead on points on the ladder.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014




Friday 8 August 2014


Nhill Thunderbirds 0 drew with Warrack Women 0

Goals: NA

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Jeanette McLeod 3, Samantha Crowhurst 2, Lauren Bendall 1; Warrack Women, Alana Argent 3, Erin Slater 2, Teagan Roche 1.



Warrack Hoops 7 def Nhill Rangers 0

Goals: Hoops, Darius Cosgrave 3, Ethan Schilling 1, Paul Slater 1, Marcus Williamson 1, Barry Schilling 1.

Umpire votes: Hoops, Paul Slater 3, Darius Cosgrave 2, Marcus Williamson 1, Royce Bennett 1; Rangers, Mont Miller 3, Alex Pipkorn 2, Trevor James 1, Graeme Janetzki 1.


Saturday 9 August 2014


Nhill Leopards 9 def Dimboola Kookaburras 0

Goals: Leopards, Lachie Wilde 2, Jason Reichelt 2, Blake Miller 2, Dakarai Delaney 1, Victoria Janetzki 1, Sharma Delaney 1.

Umpire votes: Leopards, Blake Miller 3, Jason Reichelt 2, Lachie Wilde 1; Kookaburras, Charlie Bird 3, Danny Moore 2, Rebekah Albrecht 1.


Yanac Warriors 17 def Dimboola Kangaroos 0

Goals: Warriors, Joshua Magrath 4, Shanaye Alexander 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 3, Alex Magrath 2, Todd Alexander 2, Sophie Pipkorn 1, Joseph Morphett 1, Tempany Croot 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Alex Magrath 2, Tempany Croot 1; Kangaroos, Zoe Pilmore 3, Kaylee Withers 2, Daniel Danisch 1.


Kaniva Raiders 8 def Horsham Bombers 1

Goals: Raiders, Lachie Mills 2, Duncan Shalders 2, Kylan Hendy 2, Jayden Hendy 1, Luke Shalders 1; Bombers, William Gulline 1.

Umpire votes: Raiders, Jayden Hendy 3, Duncan Shalders 2, Lachie Mills 1, Luke Shalders 1; Bombers, Ashleigh Fogarty 3, Kiah Zietsman 2, Traiyth Leffler 1.


Bye: Warrack Revengers



Dimboola Women 9 def Kaniva Women 0

Goals: Dimboola Women, Kelly Smithyman 3, Annabel Askin 3, Elizabeth Klinge 1, Jemma Schultz 1, Jennifer Klinge 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Women, Jennifer Klinge 3, Annabel Askin 2, Brooke Nuske 1, Kelly Smithyman 1; Kaniva Women, Nyree Hutchins 3, Jessica Eadon 2, Julie Braisby 1.


Yanac Women 5 def Horsham Highlanders 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 1, Joanna Werner 1, Louise Bone 1, Carmel Beattie 1, Jill Kube 1.

Umpire votes: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 3, Caitlyn Smith 2, Erin Alexander 1; Highlanders, Launa Schilling 3, Lucy O’Connor 2, Danica Turvey 1, Mikaela Turvey 1.



Dimboola Men 4 def Kaniva Cobras 1

Goals: Dimboola Men, Zack Slater-Collard 1, Tim Jorgensen 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1, James Klinge 1; Cobras, Simon Goodwin 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 3, Zack Slater-Collard 2, Tim Jorgensen 1; Cobras, Braden Clark 3, Brett Jewell 2, Lewis Bothe 1.


Yanac Tigers 4 def Horsham Hurricanes 0

Goals: Tigers, Adam Clohesy 2, Todd Alexander 2.

Umpire votes: Tigers, Adam Clohesy 3, Nathan Alexander 2, Michael Dart 1; Hurricanes, David Jochinke 3, Tim Davey 2, Darren Schwarz 1.




Junior Boys

Kylan Hendy                  Kaniva Raiders               25

Lachie Mills                    Kaniva Raiders               22

Jaidyn Honeyman           Yanac Warriors              17

Jack Dean                     Warrack Revengers        16

Todd Alexander              Yanac Warriors              15


Junior Girls

Shanaye Alexander         Yanac Warriors              12

Kaitlyn Miller                   Yanac Warriors               8

Sophie Pipkorn                Yanac Warriors               8

Ellie Murden                    Nhill Leopards                 6

Liliana Goodwin               Kaniva Raiders                5



Louise Bone                    Yanac Women                16

Annabel Askin                 Dimboola Women           16

Kelly Smithyman             Dimboola Women           15

Lauren Bendall                Nhill Thunderbirds           13

Erin Alexander                Yanac Women               11



Marcus Williamson          Warrack Hoops              14

Nathan Jorgensen           Dimboola Men                12

Adam Clohesy                Yanac Tigers                  11

Kim Croot                      Yanac Tigers                  10

Braden Clark                  Kaniva Cobras               10

Barry Schilling                Warrack Hoops              10



- after Round 16


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Warriors 56 118 2460%
  Kaniva Raiders 52 93 565%
  Warrack Revengers 42 20 205%
  Nhill Leopards 36 23 205%
  Horsham Bombers 22 -48 33%
  Dimboola Kookaburras 10 -88 10%
  Dimboola Kangaroos  6 -118 7%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 60 49 917%
  Dimboola Women 54 48 353%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 30 16 157%
  Horsham Highlanders 26 -23 59%
  Warrack Women 18 -28 36%
  Kaniva Women 4 -62 11%




Goal Difference

Goal Percentage

  Yanac Tigers 60 57 1240%
  Warrack Hoops 50 43 305%
  Kaniva Cobras 42 14 167%
  Dimboola Men 22 -8 78%
  Horsham Hurricanes 10 -50 19%
  Nhill Rangers 8 -56 7%