2014 - Round 14 Review, Results and Ladders

Round 14

Friday 25 July and Saturday 26 July 2014

At Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre



Hockey Victoria CEO visits for Fair Go, Sport round

Hockey Victoria CEO Andrew Skillern visited the Wimmera on Friday night at the Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre during Wimmera Hockey Association round 14 matches to help promote the ‘Fair Go, Sport’ initiative.  Following a meet and greet session in which future ideas for hockey in Victoria were presented to and discussed among the group, Mr Skillern played part of the Friday night open match wearing ‘rainbow socks’ as part of the Fair Go gender diversity promotion.  Nhill senior teams also each wore rainbow socks on Friday night.

Mr Skillern presented a medallion to a ‘Player of the Match’ from each of the women’s and open teams playing Friday night who “upheld the true spirit of fair play”, as chosen by each opposition captain.

Captains of Saturday senior games each presented a medallion to a member of the opposing team.

Ladder orders remain the same in all three divisions.


Dimboola Kangaroos put up a good fight against Warrack Revengers with good defence, holding Revengers to a 3-0 win.  Defender Colin Taylor, also with a goal, was best for Revengers, while full back Zoe Pilmore put in a solid performance for Kangaroos.

Kaniva Raiders were missing a couple of key players and Dimboola Kookaburras were able to hold them out to two goals at half time.  Raiders gelled better in the second half scoring a further four goals to win 6-0.  Lachie Mills, also with two goals, was best for Raiders, while borrowed player Kaylee Withers gave the Kookaburras a boost and was named best.  Three goals to Kylan Hendy keeps him in front on the junior goal scoring tally now on 23.

Yanac Warriors played another solid team game and were strong in attack winning 8-0 over Horsham Bombers.  Bombers defence worked hard with full back Ashleigh Fogarty putting in a good game, while centre forward Traiyth Leffler was named best helping his team gain some attack.  Todd Alexander, also with two goals, was best for Warriors.

Nhill Leopards had the bye.


On Friday night Dimboola Women and Nhill Thunderbirds played a great attacking game each way.  Defence was solid on both sides but the forward drive on each team was exceptional.  Hockey Victoria CEO Andrew Skillern was impressed with the level of skill from the teams.  Dimboola scored first but Thunderbirds kept at it and scores were level 2-2 at the break.  Dimboola had the edge in the second half winning after a close game 5-3.  Jennifer Klinge, also with two goals, was impressive for Dimboola, while Emma Janetzki, also with a goal, was solid for Thunderbirds.  Mr Skillern presented the Fair Go, Sport medallions as chosen by each opposing captain, to Annabel Askin from Dimboola, and Helen Cannell from Nhill.

On Saturday afternoon, Yanac Women played a solid team game sharing the ball around all corners of the field to win a comfortable 5-0.  Yanac’s defence was strong keeping Kaniva out of the 25 most of the game.  However, Kaniva always step up on the turf and this was no exception, passing the ball well across the half back line.  Kaniva defended well and kept the match score to a goal less than last contest’s six-goal deficit.  Erin Alexander played another solid game at centre half back, also scoring a goal, to be named best for Yanac.  Tina Stewart put in a top performance at inner for Kaniva, scooping balls out of defence and working them through to attack.  Two goals to Louise Bone puts her in front on the women’s goals tally, now on 13.  Fair Go, Sport medallions were awarded to Louise Bone from Yanac, and Julie Braisby from Kaniva.

Warrack Women claimed their third win this time over Horsham Highlanders who are still without three key players and may be for some time.  Warrack moved the ball around well and enjoyed their biggest haul of goals in one game this year.  A shining moment for Highlanders was a goal from a short corner by Lucy O’Connor, which was reward for the team after some good attack.  Warrack won 5-1.  Best for Warrack was Linley Arnold-Wardle, also with two goals, and Mikaela Turvey at inner for Highlanders.  Fair Go, Sport medallions were awarded to Linley Arnold-Wardle from Warrack, and Lucy O’Connor from Highlanders.


On Friday night Hockey Victoria CEO Andrew Skillern joined the Nhill Rangers team in the Fair Go, Sport rainbow socks, while the whole team also played in rainbow socks.  The Nhill side enjoyed the boost from having the skillful Waverly playing CEO and this helped them along to their fourth goal for the season, this time through Tim Braendler.  However, Dimboola Men were a stronger unit, buoyed by an extra two female players helping out, and were able to take the win 5-1.  Mr Skillern presented the Fair Go, Sport medallions as chosen by each opposing captain, to Nathan Jorgensen from Dimboola, and Mont Miller from Nhill.  Coincidentally these two players were also named best for their respective teams by the umpires.

On Saturday late afternoon Warrack Hoops were two goals in front of Horsham Hurricanes at the break, and upped their goal haul in the second as Hurricanes tired to win 6-0.  There were lots of short corners and later the play became a little more fiery.  Brad McKenzie at centre half back was named best for Hoops, while Paul Mackereth, also at centre half back, was named best for Hurricanes.  Two goals to Marcus Williamson keeps him in the lead on the open goals tally, now on 13.  Fair Go, Sport medallions were awarded to Paul Slater from Hoops, and Stuart Hoffman from Hurricanes.

Top team Yanac Tigers won 2-0 over third placed Kaniva Cobras and it was not an easy match.  With great skill and several over head flicks down the field, the ball moved around fast.  Both teams attacked well but Tigers were in front a goal at the break through Jamie Harding.  After some good team play Michael Dart scored Tigers’ second in the second half.  Umpires named full back Kim Croot best for Tigers, and half back Tim Eastwood best for Cobras.  Fair Go, Sport medallions were awarded to Tom Cook from Tigers, and David Cole from Cobras.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014



Friday 25 July 2014


Dimboola Women 5 def Nhill Thunderbirds 3

Goals: Dimboola Women, Annabel Askin 2, Jennifer Klinge 2, Kelly Smithyman 1; Thunderbirds, Stefanie Bull 1, Emma Janetzki 1, Samantha Crowhurst 1.

Umpire Votes: Dimboola Women, Jennifer Klinge 3, Annabel Askin 2, Brooke Nuske 1; Thunderbirds, Emma Janetzki 3, Wendy Crowhurst 2, Leah Hawker 1, Samantha Crowhurst 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Dimboola Women, Annabel Askin; Thunderbirds, Helen Cannell.



Dimboola Men 5 def Nhill Rangers 1

Goals: Dimboola Men, Trevor Krelle 2, Tim Jorgensen 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1, Jarryd Tischler 1; Rangers, Tim Braendler 1.

Umpire Votes: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 3, Brett Tischler 2, Caleb Halsall 1; Rangers, Mont Miller 3, Alex Pipkorn 2, Talor Dent 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen; Rangers, Mont Miller.


Saturday 26 July 2014


Warrack Revengers 3 def Dimboola Kangaroos 0

Goals: Revengers, Colin Taylor 1, Oskar Bennett 1, Shannon Jeffrey 1.

Umpire Votes: Revengers, Colin Taylor 3, Oskar Bennett 2, Jack Dean 1; Kangaroos, Zoe Pilmore 3, Hayden Withers 2, Teo Haines 1.


Kaniva Raiders 6 def Dimboola Kookaburras 0

Goals: Raiders, Kylan Hendy 3, Lachie Mills 2, Jayden Hendy 1.

Umpire Votes: Raiders, Lachie Mills 3, Jayden Hendy 2, Kylan Hendy 1, Jemima Bothe 1; Kookaburras, Kaylee Withers 3, Lachlan Schultz 2, Danny Moore 1.


Yanac Warriors 8 def Horsham Bombers 0

Goals: Warriors, Todd Alexander 2, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Joseph Morphett 2, Alex Magrath 1, Kaitlyn Miller 1.

Umpire Votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Zachary Dorrington 2, Jaidyn Honeyman 1; Bombers, Traiyth Leffler 3, Ashleigh Fogarty 2, Mikayla Farmers 1.


Bye: Nhill Leopards



Yanac Women 5 def Kaniva Women 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 2, Anne Blackwood 1, Sheree Shurdington 1, Erin Alexander 1.

Umpire Votes: Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 3, Caitlyn Smith 2, Louise Bone 1; Kaniva Women, Tina Stewart 3, Rachel Clark 2, Jessica Eadon 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Yanac Women, Louise Bone; Kaniva Women, Julie Braisby.


Warrack Women 5 def Horsham Highlanders 1

Goals: Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle 2, Jenna Livingstone 2, Erin Slater 1; Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor 1.

Umpire Votes: Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle 3, Teagan Roche 2, Kelly O’Brien 1; Highlanders, Mikaela Turvey 3, Lucy O’Connor 2, Hannah Honeyman 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle; Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor.



Warrack Hoops 6 def Horsham Hurricanes 0

Goals: Hoops, Marcus Williamson 2, Darius Cosgrave 1, Jarrod Knoop 1, Paul Slater 1, Barry Schilling 1.

Umpire Votes: Hoops, Brad McKenzie 3, Paul Slater 2, Royce Bennett 1; Hurricanes, Paul Mackereth 3, Jarryd Bannan 2, Hannah Fredericks 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Hoops, Paul Slater; Hurricanes, Stuart Hoffman.


Yanac Tigers 2 def Kaniva Cobras 0

Goals: Tigers, Jamie Harding 1, Michael Dart 1.

Umpire Votes: Tigers, Kim Croot 3, Shaun Alexander 2, Simon Farmers 1; Cobras, Tim Eastwood 3, Braden Clark 2, David Cole 1.

Fair Go, Sport! medallions: Tigers, Tom Cook; Cobras, David Cole.



- after Round 14


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Warriors 48 99 2080%
  Kaniva Raiders 48 88 618%
  Warrack Revengers 36 19 206%
  Nhill Leopards 28 8 138%
  Horsham Bombers 22 -40 35%
  Dimboola Kookaburras 8 -79 11%
  Dimboola Kangaroos  6 -95 8%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 52 42 940%
  Dimboola Women 46 33 274%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 28 18 172%
  Horsham Highlanders 22 -19 63%
  Warrack Women 16 -22 42%
  Kaniva Women 4 -52 13%




Goal Difference

Goal Percentage

  Yanac Tigers 52 47 1040%
  Warrack Hoops 42 33 265%
  Kaniva Cobras 38 16 194%
  Dimboola Men 18 -8 75%
  Horsham Hurricanes 10 -45 21%
  Nhill Rangers 8 -43 9%