2014 - Round 11 Review, Results and Ladders

Round 11

Saturday 5 July 2014

Split Round

At Kaniva Recreation Reserve





Split round for Round 11

Wimmera Hockey Association held a split round for Round 11 with five matches at Kaniva and the remaining four scheduled to be at Yanac.  School holidays may have contributed to a lack of numbers in several teams, with one team needing to forfeit.  Some teams played with less than a full team while others utilised borrowed players to help fill spots.  Otherwise, matches were competitive with each of the three bottom junior teams scoring multiple goals, and the two bottom women’s teams and the bottom open team each scoring at least one goal.  There were no changes to ladder orders this week after the top three open teams, top three junior teams and three of the top four women’s teams had wins.


Warrack Revengers and Dimboola Kangaroos utilised one borrowed player each so they could play with a sub each although Warrack still had the upper hand.  Jack Dean scored four goals while borrowed player Kylan Hendy accounted for three goals.  Kangaroos played well and scored three times which doubles their season’s scores.  Rebekah Albrecht, Jacqueline Walker and borrowed player Adam Feder scored the goals on Saturday.  Revengers won 8-3.

Yanac Warriors played another strong team game sharing 10 goals around seven scorers although the young Horsham Bombers put up a good fight and scored twice.  Traiyth Leffler who was also named best for Bombers scored one while Kira Guest scored the other.  Scoring goals against Warriors is no mean feat with these two Bomber goals taking the tally to a low five goals scored against the top two team.  Centre half back Todd Alexander was named best for Warriors in the 10-2 win.

Kaniva Raiders once again played with 10 players and without a goalie when they contested the early match at Kaniva against Dimboola Kookaburras.  The Kookaburras played with nine players including one of the stronger Kaniva juniors Lachlan Clark who filled the ninth space on their team and may have helped the young team to adding three extra goal scorers to their list from one previously up until now.  Young Charlie Bird stepped up for the Kookaburras earning top honours for the game, also scoring one of their four goals.  Noah Krelle and Ipdarn Trewin also scored their first goals while Lachlan Schultz added to his tally.  Lachie Mills and Kylan Hendy are leading the association junior goal scoring tally and remain equal after scoring four goals each in this match to be equal on 18.  Jayden Hendy was named best for Raiders, also accounting for three of the team’s goals.  Raiders won 18-4.

Nhill Leopards had the bye.


Top team Yanac Women accounted for Horsham Highlanders for the second consecutive week, this time winning by a larger margin 9-0.  After keeping Yanac to a one-goal lead at the break the Horsham team, still missing a few key players, succumbed to a barrage of second half attacks.  After Saturday’s game Louise Bone with one and Jenny Smith with two take equal lead on the women’s goal scoring board, also the first two women to make double figures, with 10 apiece.  Bone was named best for Yanac, while O’Connor sisters Lucy and Sarah in defence were named best for Highlanders.  Yanac shared the scoring around seven different players.

Top two team Dimboola Women put in another strong performance winning a solid 4-1 over Kaniva Women.  Annabel Askin was on fire at inner working the ball consistently as a main drive in attack and was named best for Dimboola, also scoring three goals.  Kaniva defence was working hard but speedy inner Lisa Stimson was the consistent player working the ball through from defence and into attack on several occasions.  Donna Meyer scored Kaniva’s lone goal with a strong hit from just inside the circle.

Warrack Women put up a good fight against Nhill Thunderbirds with both teams missing a few top players.  Mary-ann Paris scored her second career goal in as many weeks for Warrack.  Kelly O’Brien stepped up for Warrack playing a consistent game at right half back to be named best for her side.  Helen Cannell playing much of the game at centre half back played a strong game also and was named best for the victors.  Thunderbirds won 4-2.


Kaniva Cobras played a close match against Dimboola Men.  Scores were level at the break with neither side making much headway and both defences holding up well.  Jordan Clark scored in the second half for Cobras to take the win 1-0.  Caleb Halsall played a consistent, strong game cutting off attacks and using big hits for Dimboola to be named best while Clint Beattie was a rock at centre half back for Cobras stemming attacks through the midfield and shooting the ball back into attack with well-placed strong hits.

Yanac Tigers had their second goal for the season scored against them, this time at the hands of the Horsham Hurricanes who are at the bottom of the ladder, with inner and captain Daniel Pumpa claiming the goal.  Hurricanes had two quality fill in players as well as female goalie Hannah Fredericks which allowed Stuart Hoffman to play on the field, where he put in another solid performance at half back to be named best.  Paul Mackereth was another strong contributor for Hurricanes, fresh back from a bad cut to his upper lip a couple of weeks ago which required surgery.  Tigers scored through four individual players to take the 4-1 win with Alexander twins Nathan and Bradley being named best for the victors, also scoring a goal each.

Warrack Hoops pick up the four points and a five-goal difference after Nhill Rangers forfeited due to lack of numbers possibly because of school holidays.  Marcus Williamson still leads the open goal scoring tally with 11 despite not playing due to the forfeit on Saturday.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014





Warrack Revengers 8 def Dimboola Kangaroos 3

Goals: Revengers, Jack Dean 4, Kylan Hendy 3, Breanna Langman 1; Kangaroos, Rebekah Albrecht 1, Jacqueline Walker 1, Adam Feder 1.

Umpire votes: Revengers, Colin Taylor 3, Jack Dean 2, Emily Knoop 1; Kangaroos, Amy Pilmore 3, Teo Haines 2, Kaylee Withers 1.


Yanac Warriors 10 def Horsham Bombers 2

Goals: Warriors, Zachary Dorrington 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Sophie Pipkorn 1, Joshua Magrath 1, Shanaye Alexander 1, Kaitlyn Miller 1, Joseph Morphett 1; Bombers, Traiyth Leffler 1, Kira Guest 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Kaitlyn Miller 2, Jaidyn Honeyman 1; Bombers, Traiyth Leffler 3, Mikayla Farmers 2, Kiah Zietsman 1.


Kaniva Raiders 18 def Dimboola Kookaburras 4

Goals: Raiders, Lachie Mills 4, Kylan Hendy 4, Duncan Shalders 3, Jayden Hendy 3, Adam Feder 2, Brandon Rich 1, Luke Shalders 1; Kookaburras, Ipdarn Trewin 1, Lachlan Schultz 1, Noah Krelle 1, Charlie Bird 1.

Umpire votes: Raiders, Jayden Hendy 3, Max Goodwin 2, Luke Shalders 1; Kookaburras, Charlie Bird 3, Thomas Krelle 2, Noah Krelle 1.


Bye: Nhill Leopards



Yanac Women 9 def Horsham Highlanders 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Jenny Smith 2, Ellen Wheaton 2, Anne Blackwood 1, Sheree Shurdington 1, Erin Alexander 1, Louise Bone 1, Jill Kube 1.

Umpire votes: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 3, Carmel Beattie 2, Jill Kube 1; Highlanders, Lucy O’Connor 3, Sarah O’Connor 2, Rebecca Batchelor 1.


Dimboola Women 4 def Kaniva Women 1

Goals: Dimboola Women, Annabel Askin 3, Adina King 1; Kaniva Women, Donna Meyer 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Women, Annabel Askin 3, Ashlee Crowhurst 2, Brooke Nuske 1; Kaniva Women, Lisa Stimson 3, Nyree Hutchins 2, Donna Meyer 1.


Nhill Thunderbirds 4 def Warrack Women 2

Goals: Thunderbirds, Samantha Crowhurst 1, Leah Hawker 1, Pam Cramer 1, Ellie Murden 1; Warrack Women, Donna Robinson 1, Mary-ann Paris 1.

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Helen Cannell 3, Leah Hawker 2, Lauren Bendall 1; Warrack Women, Kelly O’Brien 3, Donna Robinson 2, Teagan Roche 1.



Kaniva Cobras 1 def Dimboola Men 0

Goals: Cobras, Jordan Clark 1.

Umpire votes: Cobras, Clint Beattie 3, Jordan Clark 2, Lachlan Clark 1; Dimboola Men, Caleb Halsall 3, Brydon Tischler 2, Tim Jorgensen 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1.


Yanac Tigers 4 def Horsham Hurricanes 1

Goals: Tigers, Bradley Alexander 1, Craig Magrath 1, Nathan Alexander 1, Adam Clohesy 1; Hurricanes, Daniel Pumpa 1.

Umpire votes: Tigers, Nathan Alexander 3, Bradley Alexander 2, Alex Wheaton 1; Hurricanes, Stuart Hoffman 3, Paul Mackereth 2, Darren Schwarz 1.


Warrack Hoops 5 def Nhill Rangers 0, on forfeit

Goals: NA

Umpire votes: NA



- after Round 11


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Kaniva Raiders 38 78 559%
  Yanac Warriors 36 75 1600%
  Warrack Revengers 28 15 207%
  Nhill Leopards 24 13 193%
  Horsham Bombers 16 -38 24%
  Dimboola Kookaburras 8 -57 15%
  Dimboola Kangaroos  4 -86 7%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 40 33 760%
  Dimboola Women 38 24 285%
  Horsham Highlanders 22 -3 91%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 20 15 183%
  Warrack Women 10 -25 31%
  Kaniva Women 2 -44 15%




Goal Difference

Goal Percentage

  Yanac Tigers 40 43 2250%
  Warrack Hoops 36 28 315%
  Kaniva Cobras 32 11 192%
  Dimboola Men 10 -17 41%
  Nhill Rangers 8 -27 10%
  Horsham Hurricanes 6 -38 14%