2014 - Round 11 Preview

Round 11

Saturday 5 July 2014

Split Round

At Kaniva Recreation Reserve





Kaniva and Yanac host round 11

Wimmera Hockey Association round 11 matches will be split this weekend with five matches to be played at Kaniva while the remaining four will be at Yanac on Saturday. 


Kaniva Raiders will play Dimboola Kookaburras in the early game at Kaniva.  Kookaburras will need to use short clever passes to help maintain possession to be able to combat a strong unit in the Raiders.  Kookaburras will be well-served by Danny Moore and Lachlan Schultz directing play while Raiders have several key players and several who can score.

Also at Kaniva, Warrack Revengers will play a strong game led by Colin Taylor and Jack Dean against Dimboola Kangaroos, although Kangaroos proved they can score under pressure getting one in against stronger side Raiders last week.  Kangaroos’ Pilmore sisters Amy and Zoe are strong defenders while half back Hayden Withers put in a top performance last week and may be able to boost some attack.

At Yanac the home side Warriors will play Horsham Bombers.  Bombers had a win last week but will need to work as a strong team unit playing one of the top junior sides.  Todd Alexander and Zachary Dorrington have been instrumental in Warriors’ leading campaign so far.  Full back Kiah Zietsman has been a consistent defender for Bombers all year while Traiyth Leffler has been valuable through the mid-field.

Nhill junior team Leopards has the bye.


Warrack Women and Nhill Thunderbirds will meet at Kaniva and will play a fast match.  Warrack put on a barrage of attacks with hard-hitting Alana Argent leading the way and utilizing close passing with Erin Slater and Linley Arnold-Wardle last week against Kaniva to take a win.  Thunderbirds have a forward line full of capable scorers supported by clever centre half back Emma Janetzki and half back Wendy Crowhurst.  With Warrack finding good form this will be a tough match although Thunderbirds may have a slight advantage.

Dimboola Women will play home side Kaniva Women.  This is usually a game of raised level skills for Kaniva against a top team and they will once again enjoy the challenge.  Dimboola have a strong half back line with Elizabeth Klinge and Brooke Nuske hard to beat, with a forwardline well able to pick up the ball off the posts to get the scores.  Although they have lost in both previous encounters this season Kaniva has scored at least once in each of those matches.

Horsham Highlanders will take on Yanac Women for the second week in a row due to a change in the draw.  With Highlanders without strong half back Launa Schilling last week and still for a few more weeks Yanac will again have the advantage.  Yanac beat Highlanders 4-0 last week through four different scorers showing breadth in attack.  If lineups are similar on a smoother and faster ground at Yanac it will be an interesting comparison in results only a week between contests.


Dimboola Men will meet home side Kaniva Cobras.  Dimboola mixed up their line up a bit last week playing some backs on the forward line and vice versa and this helped create some extra opportunities for them against Nhill Rangers although they drew 0-0.  Cobras were ahead of Warrack Hoops at half time last week although they later succumbed to some late quick goals losing a close match and will look to make amends this week.  Kaniva’s consistent right half back Braden Clark puts his team into attack on many occasions, one of the few open players able to utilise the scoop flick to advantage to win ground down the field and open up play, while Dimboola’s centre half back Tim Jorgensen is fast and always on the ball to help stem attacks and provide a basis for attacks.

At Yanac, Horsham Hurricanes will take on the unbeaten Yanac Tigers for the second consecutive week due to a draw change.  Tigers won 3-0 playing on a slow field last week with Hurricanes utilizing some borrowed players but also having an extra goalie which allowed Stuart Hoffman to play on the field to help boost the side.  Darren Schwarz stepped up last week playing a solid game in the absence of injured David Jochinke who had been playing a strong centre half back in recent weeks.  With potentially a different line up for Hurricanes and on a faster field this may increase scoring opportunities for Tigers and could be a tougher match for Hurricanes.  Tigers are well-served by consistent centre half back Nathan Alexander while twin brother Bradley put in a top performance last week also.  The classy Tigers will keep Hurricanes busy with strength all over the field.

Also at Yanac, Warrack Hoops will play Nhill Rangers.  Hoops have the ability to finish off well in front of goals and this will keep Rangers busy.  Hoops can boast having the highest goal scorer in the open competition so far with Marcus Williamson, with Paul Slater clever in front of goals and Jarrod Knoop strong on the field in recent weeks accounting for several goals as well.  Another solid performance by dependable full back Mont Miller for Rangers should help combat some attacks.  Rangers have some skills through the midfield in the Janetzkis Grady and Graeme and Tim Braendler but will need to fire on all cylinders to be able to break through a solid line up from Warrack.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014


Round 11 Draw

Saturday 5 July 2014

Split Round


At Kaniva Recreation Reserve

9.30am Kaniva Raiders vs Dimboola Kookaburras; 11am Warrack Revengers vs Dimboola Kangaroos; 12.30pm Warrack Women vs Nhill Thunderbirds; 2pm Dimboola Women vs Kaniva Women; 3.30pm Dimboola Men vs Kaniva Cobras.


At Yanac

Field 1

11am Hook in 2 Hockey; 12.30pm Yanac Warriors vs Horsham Bombers; 2pm Horsham Highlanders vs Yanac Women.

Field 2

12.30pm Horsham Hurricanes vs Yanac Tigers; 2pm Warrack Hoops vs Nhill Rangers.

Hook in 2 Hockey: 11am at Yanac.

Bye: Nhill Leopards