2014 - Round 8 Review Results and Ladders

Round 8
Saturday 14 June 2014
At Yanac
Bitterly cold and slippery as winter sets in

Winter has set in with a bitter cold wind and slippery conditions impacting the day’s play on Saturday on the grassy fields at Yanac when Wimmera Hockey Association action resumed after the break for Senior Country Championships last weekend.  Round 8 matches were all played in slippery conditions while the earlier matches contested with dewy grass making players resemble ice-skaters.  Many players found it hard to keep their footing and smart play became evermore important rather than speed as over-committing on plays often resulted in players slipping.


Yanac Warriors have delivered the Kaniva Raiders their first loss of the season with an emphatic 9-0 result also giving Warriors enough goal difference to take the lead on the junior ladder, while the two teams are now equal on points.  Raiders won the first encounter this season but an undermanned side could not combat the strong Warriors side.  Being the early game these teams came up against the most dew of the day and slips throughout the game were quite entertaining for the crowd.  Zachary Dorrington with a goal was best for Warriors, while defender Lachie Mills was strong for Raiders.

Nhill Leopards sealed a 3-0 win over Dimboola Kangaroos with two goals from young Jason Reichelt after half time.  The Kangaroos had kept them to a one-goal lead at the break with good work from young defender Teo Haines but with direction from centre half back Victoria Janetzki the Nhill side claimed their fourth win for the season.

Also claiming their fourth win and still on equal points with the Leopards are the Warrack Revengers who beat Horsham Bombers 4-0.  Kiah Zietsman and Ashleigh Fogarty were strong full backs for Bombers each earning a spot in the best, but with goals spread around four different scorers the Warrack side was too strong.  Jack Dean with a goal led the way for the Revengers.

Dimboola Kookaburras pick up two points from the bye.


Nhill Thunderbirds delivered Kaniva Women their biggest loss for the season with a 10-1 result.  Playing attack and defence Wendy Crowhurst was best for the victors also claiming one of the goals proving to be an asset on the wing following some recent experience playing there at the Women’s Country Championships last weekend.  Crowhurst worked well with Lauren Bendall on the inner who claimed three goals herself.  Kaniva did have some moments in attack with a goal to Samantha Wallis some evidence of this.  Chelsea Watts worked hard at full back and was named umpires’ best for the Kaniva side.

Long time rivals Dimboola Women and Horsham Highlanders played a close match and were 1-1 at half time.  Dimboola took the lead half way through the second half with a goal to Adina King and held on for the 2-1 win.  Inner Ellie Morrow was best for Highlanders, while Elizabeth Klinge was as always a rock at centre half back for Dimboola.

Yanac Women were too strong for an undermanned Warrack Women side and an injury to a key player may have impacted the side from early in the match.  Passing was good by both teams and the still undefeated Yanac Women kept Warrack’s defence busy.  Linley Arnold-Wardle remained strong throughout the match providing a solid full back line for Warrack, while young Louise Bone scored three times and was named best for Yanac in their 4-0 win.


Warrack Hoops have scored the first goal against Yanac Tigers this season in a thrilling 1-1 draw.  Tigers had held out all opponents including the Hoops for the first seven rounds.  With strong lineups on both sides, although neither side was at full strength, this match was always going to be fast paced and action packed, with Hoops especially looking to make amends for the high loss with an undermanned team last encounter.  A skilful game was played up both ends with Yanac looking slightly better in the first half but still no score.  Paul Slater took on Tigers goalie Murray Miller but Miller ‘bested him’ and still Tigers held their opposition out.  Three minutes into the second half Jamie Harding scored to give Tigers a slight lead.  Hoops put the pressure on and they enjoyed more of the play and finally scored through Barry Schilling.  Full back William Hewitt was best for Hoops while centre half back Nathan Alexander was best for the still undefeated Tigers.

Kaniva Cobras have secured a close 2-0 win over Nhill Rangers.  Kaniva were using strong team play to open up the field while great defence by Graeme Janetzki and Mont Miller kept them at bay.  Jordan Clark scored in the first half while brother Braden Clark scored in the second.  Nhill created more attacking opportunities in the second half with positive play.  Braden Clark led the team play and was named best for Cobras, while Janetzki at half back was best for Rangers.

Dimboola Men have claimed their second win for the season and it’s enough to jump them off the bottom of the ladder and back into the top four spot.  Both sides were undermanned on Saturday with Horsham Hurricanes just filling a side with no subs and Dimboola adding three extra women to their lineup in addition to their regular female goalie to have subs available.  There was no score at half time but the Dimboola unit worked well together and they ran away in the second half scoring several times to win 4-0.  Tim Jorgensen led the Dimboola team from centre half back while full back David Jochinke was strong for Hurricanes.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014



Yanac Warriors 9 def Kaniva Raiders 0

Goals: Warriors, Seth Croot 3, Jaidyn Honeyman 2, Joseph Morphett 2, Todd Alexander 1, Zachary Dorrington 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Zachary Dorrington 3, Alex Magrath 2, Joseph Morphett 1; Raiders, Lachie Mills 3, Jayden Hendy 2, Luke Shalders 1.


Nhill Leopards 3 def Dimboola Kangaroos 0

Goals: Leopards, Jason Reichelt 2, Ellie Murden 1.

Umpire votes: Leopards, Victoria Janetzki 3, Lachie Wilde 2, Tyson Mitchell 1; Kangaroos, Teo Haines 3, Lachlan Schultz 2, Liam Moore 1.


Warrack Revengers 4 def Horsham Bombers 0

Goals: Revengers, Colin Taylor 1, Jack Dean 1, Serena Foot 1, Charlie Dean 1.

Umpire votes: Revengers, Jack Dean 3, Colin Taylor 2, Oskar Bennett 1; Bombers, Kiah Zietsman 3, Ashleigh Fogarty 2, Stuart Hallett 1.

Bye: Dimboola Kookaburras



Nhill Thunderbirds 10 def Kaniva Women 1

Goals: Thunderbirds, Lauren Bendall 3, Stephanie Daly 2, Pam Cramer 2, Emma Janetzki 1, Wendy Crowhurst 1, Lisa McLennan 1; Kaniva Women, Samantha Wallis 1.

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Wendy Crowhurst 3, Stephanie Daly 2, Helen Cannell 1; Kaniva Women, Chelsea Watts 3, Nyree Hutchins 2, Julie Braisby 1, Rachel Clark 1.


Dimboola Women 2 def Horsham Highlanders 1

Goals: Dimboola Women, Kelly Smithyman 1, Adina King 1; Highlanders, Mia Guest 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 3, Brooke Nuske 2, Jennifer Klinge 1; Highlanders, Ellie Morrow 3, Lucy O’Connor 2, Ashleigh Fogarty 1.


Yanac Women 4 def Warrack Women 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 3, Carmel Beattie 1.

Umpire votes: Yanac Women, Louise Bone 3, Caitlyn Smith 2, Erin Alexander 1; Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle 3, Alana Argent 2, Kelly O’Brien 1, Donna Robinson 1.



Kaniva Cobras 2 def Nhill Rangers 0

Goals: Cobras, Braden Clark 1, Jordan Clark 1.

Umpire votes: Cobras, Braden Clark 3, Clint Beattie 2, Mathew McDonald 1; Rangers, Graeme Janetzki 3, Mont Miller 2, Tim Braendler 1, Alex Pipkorn 1.


Warrack Hoops 1 drew with Yanac Tigers 1

Goals: Hoops, Barry Schilling 1; Tigers, Jamie Harding 1.

Umpire votes: Hoops, Will Hewitt 3, Darren Brown 2, Jarrod Knoop 1; Tigers, Nathan Alexander 3, Tom Cook 2, Vern Wheaton 1.


Dimboola Men 4 def Horsham Hurricanes 0

Goals: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 2, Tim Jorgensen 1, Zack Slater-Collard 1.

Umpire votes: Dimboola Men, Tim Jorgensen 3, Nathan Jorgensen 2, Caleb Halsall 1, Zack Slater-Collard 1; Hurricanes, David Jochinke 3, Darren Schwarz 2, Jarryd Bannan 1.



- after Round 8


JUNIORSPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Warriors 26 50 1767%
  Kaniva Raiders 26 36 400%
  Nhill Leopards 18 10 191%
  Warrack Revengers 18 8 173%
  Horsham Bombers 12 -18 33%
  Dimboola Kookaburras 8 -37 12%
  Dimboola Kangaroos  4 -49 4%


WOMENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Women 28 19 480%
  Dimboola Women 26 15 236%
  Horsham Highlanders 18 8 142%
  Nhill Thunderbirds 16 16 233%
  Warrack Women 6 -21 25%
  Kaniva Women 2 -37 16%


OPENPointsGoal DifferenceGoal Percentage
  Yanac Tigers 28 32 3300%
  Warrack Hoops 24 19 258%
  Kaniva Cobras 24 8 180%
  Dimboola Men 8 -13 48%
  Nhill Rangers 6 -17 15%
  Horsham Hurricanes 6 -29 15%