2014 - Inter-league Review

Senior Inter-league

Saturday 24 May 2014





Wimmera v North Central Inter Association Hockey Game

Saturday 24th May 2014 at Lord Nelson Park, St Arnaud


An Open (Men’s) team representing the Wimmera Hockey Association played a team from the North Central Hockey Association at St Arnaud’s Lord Nelson Park on Saturday in conjunction with the Wimmera - North Central interleague football fixture.

The first half was played at a quick pace with North Central taking control and scoring two early goals before the Wimmera regrouped and held them to that score by half time.

The Wimmera players were the ones to take control of the game at the start of the second half with the team working well together and making effective use of their short passing to get around their opponent’s defence to set up a number of scoring opportunities and short corners.  When Stuart Hoffmann scored the Wimmera were back in the game but were unable to convert any further chances and the final result was a two goals to one win the North Central.

The game was played hard but fair and all players on both sides played in the right spirit.

This was the first in what is hoped to become an annual challenge between the two Associations with the intention of adding a Women’s game to the program next year.

- Simon King, Inter-league organiser


Men's Inter-league Team

photo (see facebook):

Back, from left: Simon King (Warrack), Jordan Williamson (Warrack), Caleb Halsall (Dimboola), Lachlan Schulz (Warrack).

Middle: Stuart Hoffman (Horsham), Jarrod Knoop (Warrack), Meredith Knoop (Warrack), Erin Slater (Warrack), Tegan Roche (Warrack).

Front: Alistair Croser (Warrack), Darius Cosgrave (Warrack), Marcus Williamson (Warrack).