2014 - Round 3

Round 3

Saturday 26 April 2014

At Yanac



Yanac fields to come alive

The fields of Yanac will come alive this weekend when the Yanac Hockey Club hosts round three of the Wimmera Hockey Association’s 2014 competition.  Nine matches will be played on the two fields on Saturday, plus minkey at the mid-day session on the junior field.  Teams will be keen to get back on the field after the break for Easter.


Nhill Rangers and Kaniva Cobras will play the first of the open matches and the game will be fast.  Cobras may have the upper hand but they will have to work for their goals and will also have to watch for any fast breaks from Rangers. 

Warrack Hoops have been quite fast in their first couple of rounds and should come away with the points ahead of Horsham Hurricanes.

In their first home match for the season Yanac Tigers will be too strong for Dimboola Men in the late game.  Dimboola have some skilful players including centre half back Tim Jorgensen but the class across the board from Tigers led by Nathan Alexander will keep them in good stead.


Nhill Thunderbirds had a strong win last round two weeks ago and will try to keep up the momentum when they play Kaniva Women.  Nhill will possibly have the upper hand but Kaniva’s defence is good and will make them work for any points.

Yanac Women and Dimboola Women will play a rematch of last year’s grand final and there will be skills and fast hits abounding.  Two of the women’s competition’s top players Erin Alexander and Elizabeth Klinge will go head to head and this always makes for a great spectator match.

Highlanders have come off two tough games against the top two women’s teams in the first two rounds and will be keen to get some points on the board when they play Warrack Women in the late game.  Warrack will defend hard and this game should be a good one to watch.


Kaniva Raiders will be too strong for Dimboola Kookaburras in the early match but the Dimboola defence will make them work for their points.

Warrack Revengers and Dimboola Kangaroos should enjoy an even match with both sides fielding young players.

Yanac Warriors should have the upper hand against Horsham Bombers but Bombers also have a strong defence with Kiah Zietsman at full back shining in recent matches.

Nhill Leopards have the bye.

New junior coordinator

Jenny Smith from Horsham has offered to take up the duties of coordinating the Wimmera contingent for Junior Country Week which is only a few weeks away.  The position of Junior Development Officer recently became vacant after Scott Healey resigned from the position due to ill health.  With Junior Country Week only a few weeks away interested players should contact Jenny Smith asap.

Round 3 Draw at Yanac

Field 1: 9.30am Kaniva Raiders vs Dimboola Kookaburras; 11am Warrack Revengers vs Dimboola Kangaroos; 12.30pm Nhill Thunderbirds vs Kaniva Women; 2pm Yanac Women vs Dimboola Women; 3.30pm Warrack Women vs Horsham Highlanders.

Field 2: 11am Yanac Warriors vs Horsham Bombers; 12.30pm Nhill Rangers vs Kaniva Cobras; 2pm Warrack Hoops vs Horsham Hurricanes; 3.30pm Yanac Tigers vs Dimboola Men.

Junior Field: 12.30pm Minkey.

Bye: Nhill Leopards.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014



Cool breeze first signs of winter for season

Wimmera Hockey Association round three action was held in excellent weather conditions for hockey on the fast green fields at Yanac.  A bit of sun and a cool breeze kept conditions favourable for spectators and players.  The odd bump kept the games interesting but having no injuries recorded was a good sign.


Warrack Revengers have secured their first win of the season winning 3-0 over Dimboola Kangaroos.  The win takes Revengers into the top four on the junior ladder.  Kangaroos had a bit more attack in the second half but not enough to score.  Jack Dean with a goal was best for the victors, while full back Zoe Pilmore served well for Kangaroos.

Kaniva Raiders have doubled their goal difference with 13 unanswered goals against Dimboola Kookaburras.  The young Dimboola side defended well and the game was not one-sided as the score may suggest.  Raiders are yet to have a goal scored against them.  Lachie Mills with three goals from centre half back controlled the match well for Raiders.  Attacker Lachlan Schultz played well for Kookaburras.

Horsham Bombers played well in defence but were not as skilled as Yanac Warriors who won 5-0.  Zachary Dorrington with a goal was best for Warriors, while centre half back William Gulline did well for Bombers.

Nhill Leopards sneak into second spot with points from a bye.


Warrack Women scored their first two goals for the season but it was not enough to combat five from Horsham Highlanders.  The game was even with two goals each at half time but Highlanders gained momentum and claimed their first win of the season.  The win takes them into the top four on the ladder.  Highlanders’ Ellie Morrow with two goals controlled the game well from centre half back, while Linley Arnold-Wardle was named best for Warrack.

In the grand final rematch Yanac Women had a very close win over Dimboola Women and this takes Yanac to the top of the ladder while Dimboola’s first loss slips them down to third.  The first half was even with Yanac scoring first through Jenny Smith and Dimboola soon replying off a short corner through Elizabeth Klinge.  A flick over the goalie by Kelly Smithyman gave Dimboola the lead at half time.  Despite Dimboola’s goalie Cassie Withers playing a strong second half Yanac began to dominate, scoring twice to win 3-2.  Centre half backs and consistently top players Erin Alexander for Yanac and Elizabeth Klinge for Dimboola were named best.

Nhill Thunderbirds’ solid 8-0 win over Kaniva Women gives them enough goal difference to sneak ahead of Dimboola into second spot on the ladder in the early stages of the season.  Kaniva had a few chances to score and were making good headway later in the game but with so much talent across Nhill’s forward line including four goals to Stephanie Daly, Thunderbirds did not miss much.  Centre forward Lauren Bendall with three goals was a highly effective attacker for Nhill while Rachel Clark in the centre was named best for Kaniva.


Six individual goal scorers gave Yanac Tigers their third consecutive win and they are yet to have a goal scored against them.  Dimboola Men put up a good fight with good defence but were no match for Tigers’ class.  Tigers scored three times in each half to win 6-0.  Shaun Alexander on the wing with a goal was named best for Tigers, while valiant defender Tim Jorgensen was best for Dimboola.

Warrack Hoops’ high scoring win over Horsham Hurricanes gives them enough goal difference to claim second spot on the open ladder.  Hoops controlled the ball all over the field, scoring seven unanswered goals including five to Marcus Williamson and two to Paul Slater who were both named in the best.  Hurricanes’ goalie Stuart Hoffman was named best for his skill saving many potential goals.

Nhill Rangers and Kaniva Cobras played an even match with plenty of turnovers.  It took a couple of chances before Cobras were awarded a penalty stroke which Jordan Clark converted to take a one-goal lead at half time.  A tense second half with chances by both teams but no scores finished off a well-played game in favour of Cobras 1-0.  Braden Clark was best for Cobras while Mont Miller was best for Rangers.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014




Yanac Warriors 5 def Horsham Bombers 0

Goals: Warriors, Joseph Morphett 3, Zachary Dorrington 1, Todd Alexander 1.

Umpire votes: Warriors, Zachary Dorrington 3, Todd Alexander 2, Joseph Morphett 1; Bombers, William Gulline 3, Nathan Sparke 2, Kiah Zietsman 1, Traiyth Leffler 1.

Warrack Revengers 3 def Dimboola Kangaroos 0

Goals: Revengers, Colin Taylor 2, Jack Dean 1.

Umpire votes: Revengers, Jack Dean 3, Harry Butcher 2, Oskar Bennett 1; Kangaroos, Zoe Pilmore 3, Hayden Withers 2, Amy Pilmore 1.

Kaniva Raiders 13 def Dimboola Kookaburras 0

Goals: Raiders, Lachie Mills 3, Lachlan Clark 3, Duncan Shalders 2, Cally Shurdington 2, Jayden Hendy 1, Adam Feder 1, Luke Shalders 1.

Umpire votes: Raiders, Lachie Mills 3, Luke Shalders 2, Jayden Hendy 1, Lachlan Clark 1; Kookaburras, Lachlan Schultz 3, Danny Moore 2, Tyson Mitchell (borrowed) 1.

Bye: Nhill Leopards


                                                Pts          Goal Diff.

Kaniva Raiders                  12           +26

Nhill Leopards                  10           +11

Yanac Warriors                 8              +20

Warrack Revengers        6              +2

Horsham Bombers          4          -14

Dimboola Kookaburras  2              -16

Dimboola Kangaroos      0              -29



Horsham Highlanders 5 def Warrack Women 2

Goals: Highlanders, Ellie Morrow 2, Sarah O’Connor 1, Mikaela Turvey 1, Suzanne Puls 1; Warrack Women, Meredith Knoop 1, Donna Robinson 1.

Umpire votes: Highlanders, Ellie Morrow 3, Mikaela Turvey 2, Karen Triffitt 1, Lucy O’Connor 1; Warrack Women, Linley Arnold-Wardle 3, Tiffany Bull 2, Kelly O’Brien 1.

Yanac Women 3 def Dimboola Women 2

Goals: Yanac Women, Jenny Smith 1, Louise Bone 1, Laura Hermann 1; Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 1, Kelly Smithyman 1.

Umpire votes: Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 3, Louise Bone 2, Anne Blackwood 1; Dimboola Women, Elizabeth Klinge 3, Cara Elsom 2, Ashlee Crowhurst 1.

Nhill Thunderbirds 8 def Kaniva Women 0

Goals: Thunderbirds, Stephanie Daly 4, Lauren Bendall 3, Leah Hawker 1.

Umpire votes: Thunderbirds, Lauren Bendall 3, Wendy Crowhurst 2, Stephanie Daly 1; Kaniva Women, Rachel Clark 3, Julie Braisby 2, Donna Meyer 1.


                                                Pts          Goal Diff.

Yanac Women                    12             +6

Nhill Thunderbirds              8              +10

Dimboola Women               8              +8

Horsham Highlanders        4              -3

Warrack Women              2            -7

Kaniva Women               2            -14



Yanac Tigers 6 def Dimboola Men 0

Goals: Tigers, Nathan Alexander 1, Shaun Alexander 1, Jamie Harding 1, Adam Clohesy 1, Bradley Alexander 1, Simon Hermann 1.

Umpire votes: Tigers, Shaun Alexander 3, Nathan Alexander 2, Jamie Harding 1, Adam Clohesy 1; Dimboola Men, Tim Jorgensen 3, Zack Slater-Collard 2, Caleb Halsall 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1.

Warrack Hoops 7 def Horsham Hurricanes 0

Goals: Hoops, Marcus Williamson 5, Paul Slater 2.

Umpire votes: Hoops, Marcus Williamson 3, Paul Slater 2, Darius Cosgrave 1; Hurricanes, Stuart Hoffman 3, Paul Mackereth 2, William Gulline 1.

Kaniva Cobras 1 def Nhill Rangers 0

Goals: Cobras, Jordan Clark 1.

Umpire votes: Cobras, Braden Clark 3, Jordan Clark 2, Clint Beattie 1; Rangers, Mont Miller 3, David Reichelt 2, Graeme Janetzki 1.


                                                Pts          Goal Diff.

Yanac Tigers                       12           +16

Warrack Hoops                 10           +11

Kaniva Cobras                   10           +6

Dimboola Men                    4              -5

Nhill Rangers                 0          -9

Horsham Hurricanes       0          -19