2014 - Round 1

Round 1

Saturday 5 April 2014

At Davis Park, Nhill



Hockey season hits off at Nhill this Saturday

Wimmera Hockey Association will commence its 2014 season this Saturday 5 April 2014 with all nine hockey matches to be played at Davis Park in Nhill.  Teams will be keen to see what strengths their opponents possess this season when they contest round 1, hosted by the Nhill & District Sporting Club – Hockey Division.

The association this year will once again field 19 teams from six clubs including Dimboola, Horsham, Kaniva, Nhill, Warracknabeal and Yanac.  Numbers of teams have been stable for the past couple of seasons, although there is always room for more keen players.

Teams will play for premiership points in the junior, women’s and open divisions.

Minkey will feature on the junior field at 12.30pm this week, with mostly 5 to 10 years olds from all clubs learning some skills and playing a short game in the non-competition relaxed setting.

Main season action hits off from 9.30am with the first two teams of a 7-team strong junior division featuring.  Young sides Nhill Leopards and Dimboola Kookaburras will compete in the early timeslot.

Another young side Dimboola Kangaroos will take on last year’s runners up Yanac Warriors, while Horsham Bombers face last year’s back to back premiers in Kaniva Raiders.  Warracknabeal Revengers have the bye.

Kaniva and Warracknabeal’s women’s teams last season played relatively even matches so this should be a nice way to start the season for both.

Horsham Highlanders and Dimboola Women should have a hotly contested match.  Dimboola are coming off a hat trick of premierships and while they have lost a couple of players they have also gained some strength.  The Horsham side has gained strength in numbers this season and are always a side to watch.

Nhill Thunderbirds will take on last year’s runners up Yanac Women.

Only weeks ago there was a question of whether the Nhill open side Rangers would have enough numbers to contest the season but they have recruited well and remain on the draw.  Rangers will take on last season’s open premiers Yanac Tigers who are always a strong side.  It may be a building game for Nhill but could be exciting with some new recruits.

Kaniva Cobras finished last season strongly although they missed out on playing the final.  They will take on last year’s runners up Warrack Hoops and this should be a fast game.

Dimboola Men have gained the skills of a former junior state championships female goalie which may boost their side as they take on Horsham Hurricanes.

Players and officials should note that there is no ‘own goal’ rule this season, meaning a goal can now once again only be scored by an attacker having touched the ball inside the attacking circle before it crosses the goal line.

On-line registration is new for the WHA in 2014 and players and officials alike are reminded that they need to go on-line to register.

The WHA executive team has been finalised recently, after one of the members moved away and a replacement was sought.  The executives for 2014 are president Helen Cannell from Nhill, vice president Don Haines from Dimboola, Meredith Knoop from Warracknabeal, treasurer Jenny Smith from Yanac, records secretary Rachel Clark from Kaniva, with new umpires convenor Launa Schilling from Horsham.  Non-executive positions are filled by Scott Healey from Warracknabeal as junior development officer, and Rachel Clark continues as historian.

Good luck to all teams for a happy, healthy and entertaining season 2014!

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014



Warm start for season

Wimmera Hockey Association has begun its 2014 season in warm conditions with all nine first round matches held on lush green grass fields at Davis Park in Nhill on Saturday.  The season has started early this year to fit in a couple of rounds before the Easter break which also means more autumn warmth.

There are no real surprise results from the first round with team strengths similar to as they finished last season, despite several player transfers and new recruits boosting many of the 19 teams.

In the juniors, the Kaniva Raiders won a strong 10-0 against a younger Horsham Bombers side.  Bombers have again this year the benefit of an overflow of Yanac juniors, with three youngsters helping fill the side Saturday.  Raiders have strength across the lineup coming off a back-to-back premiership with a side that includes last year’s SA state team player Lachlan Clark from Kaniva who impressed umpires on Saturday.  Bombers have strength in defence with fullback Kiah Zietsman showing resilience for her side.

Young teams Nhill Leopards and Dimboola Kookaburras started out evenly playing one-all at half time.  Nhill’s Sharma Delaney led the way also scoring one of the winning goals in the second half to take his team to a 4-1 win.  Daniel Danisch was named best for Kookaburras.

Yanac Warriors were far too strong for young side Dimboola Kangaroos winning 18-0.  Warriors have secured the services of goalie Brittany Keam who has transferred from Kaniva, bringing with her experience of playing at Junior State Championship level, although not often challenged this week.  Warriors enjoyed plenty of time in their attacking half, although Kangaroos’ defence did well under pressure from last year’s runners up.  Todd Alexander shone from Warriors while Kaylee Withers worked hard for Kangaroos.

Erin Alexander has changed her name after getting married in the off-season although the former Blackwood and three-time consecutive association women’s best and fairest player has not changed her style, shining for Yanac Women at centre half back also scoring one of their winning goals against Nhill Thunderbirds.  The Yanac women’s side has also secured the services of goalie Keam. Despite a couple of blows to the Yanac side including a nose injury, and utilising several juniors, they scored twice in the second half to win 2-0.  Wendy Crowhurst was named best for Thunderbirds at centre half back.

Back-to-back women’s premiers Dimboola Women have changed their lineup slightly but still have plenty of strength.  Dimboola had a slight lead over Horsham Highlanders at half time but spurred on with another couple of goals to win 4-1.  Ashlee Crowhurst shone for Dimboola while Launa Schilling shone for Highlanders.

Kaniva Women have jumped out of the gates early this season with a couple of handy recruits and with good passing, plays and teamwork held on to a 0-0 draw despite a late surge from Warrack Women.  Half backs all worked hard in the match while full backs Tiffany Bull for Warrack and Rachel Clark for Kaniva influenced the final score, or ‘non-score’.

Dimboola Men claimed the first top spot of the ladder in the open competition with the highest goal difference in the first round after their 6-0 win over Horsham Hurricanes.  Dimboola Men have secured the services of female goalie Ellie Woods who has transferred from Warrack and is also playing on the field for the Dimboola Women.  The former Junior State Championships goalie has boosted the mostly men’s side and with a steady line up the Dimboola side ran away in the second half to claim the four points.  Both teams had been fairly evenly matched early in the game with several short corners, although while Horsham were hitting the ball hard they were not passing as efficiently as Dimboola.  Beautiful tackles and intercepts saw an even first half, with more ball control and fair play in the second seeing Dimboola capitalise on their opportunities, with Nathan Jorgensen scoring four times.  Last year’s open best and fairest player Tim Jorgensen shone for Dimboola, while Paul Mackereth was a steady contributor for Hurricanes.

Kaniva Cobras and Warrack Hoops take two points apiece after their 2-2 draw.  These teams have followed suit from last year when they played relatively even matches, alternating the wins.  This week both sides spent time in the lead.  Kaniva were just in front at half time with Warrack evening the score 3 minutes into the second half.  Warrack scored again to take a short lead before Kaniva evened the score.  Former open best and fairest player Paul Slater contributed well for Hoops while Braden Clark who played hockey in an Under 17 Boys Malaysia-Singapore Tour late last year shone for Kaniva.

Despite being at risk of not fielding a team this season Nhill Rangers have recruited well and have put in a worthy performance against back-to-back open premiers Yanac Tigers.  With a full and consistent line up including some juniors Tigers dominated in attack in the first half although Nhill’s defence held them to a two-goal half, also making it into their own attacking circle a few times.  Nhill played good passing hockey at the start of the second half but Yanac’s on-field talk and skills kept them pushing in front and they won a convincing 4-0.

Matches for round 2 will be held at Brim Recreation Reserve, hosted by Warracknabeal Hockey Club, next Saturday.  This venue is a first for Wimmera hockey.

- Rachel Clark, WHA Records Secretary 2014




Kaniva Raiders 10 def Horsham Bombers 0

Goals: Raiders, Brandon Rich 3, Duncan Shalders 2, Kylan Hendy 1, Lachie Mills 1, Hannah Braisby 1, Lachlan Clark 1, Max Goodwin 1.

Umpire Votes: Raiders, Lachlan Clark 3, Jayden Hendy 2, Hannah Braisby 1; Bombers, Kiah Zietsman 3, Traiyth Leffler 2, William Gulline 1.

Nhill Leopards 4 def Dimboola Kookaburras 1

Goals: Leopards, Jessy Mitchell 1, Sharma Delaney 1, Dakarai Delaney 1, Jason Reichelt 1; Kookaburras, Lachlan Schultz 1.

Umpire Votes: Leopards, Sharma Delaney 3, Ellie Murden 2, Dakarai Delaney 1, Jason Reichelt 1; Kookaburras, Daniel Danisch 3, Jessica Revell 2, Danny Moore 1, Lachlan Schultz 1.

Yanac Warriors 18 def Dimboola Kangaroos 0

Goals: Warriors, Seth Croot 4, Shanaye Alexander 3, Kaitlyn Miller 3, Sophie Pipkorn 2, Hannah Honeyman 2, Alex Magrath 1, Joshua Magrath 1, Zachary Dorrington 1.

Umpire Votes: Warriors, Todd Alexander 3, Joseph Morphett 2, Jaidyn Honeyman 1; Kangaroos, Kaylee Withers 3, Hayden Withers 2, Elisha Russell-Haby 1.

Bye: Warrack Revengers.

Junior Ladder after Round 1

Warriors 4pts plus 18 goal difference, Raiders 4 plus 10, Leopards 4 plus 3, Revengers 2, Kookaburras  minus 3, Bombers  minus 10, Kangaroos minus 18.



Yanac Women 2 def Nhill Thunderbirds 0

Goals: Yanac Women, Sheree Shurdington 1, Erin Alexander 1.

Umpire Votes: Yanac Women, Erin Alexander 3, Sheree Shurdington 2, Jenny Smith 1; Thunderbirds, Wendy Crowhurst 3, Emma Janetzki 2, Stephanie Daly 1.

Dimboola Women 4 def Horsham Highlanders 1

Goals: Dimboola Women, Adina King 2, Kelly Smithyman 1, Annabel Askin 1; Highlanders, Ellie Morrow 1.

Umpire Votes: Dimboola Women, Ashlee Crowhurst 3, Elizabeth Klinge 2, Adina King 1; Highlanders, Launa Schilling 3, Robyn Creek 2, Lucy O’Connor 1.

Kaniva Women 0 drew with Warrack Women 0

Goals: NA

Umpire Votes: Kaniva Women, Rachel Clark 3, Symone Mitchell 2, Lisa Stimson 1; Warrack Women, Tiffany Bull 3, Teagan Roche 2, Meredith Knoop 1.

Women's Ladder after Round 1

Dimboola Women 4 plus 3, Yanac Women 4 plus 2, Warrack Women 2 even, Kaniva Women 2, even, Thunderbirds minus 2, Highlanders minus 3.



Dimboola Men 6 def Horsham Hurricanes 0

Goals: Dimboola Men, Nathan Jorgensen 4, Tim Jorgensen 1, James Keating 1.

Umpire Votes: Dimboola Men, Tim Jorgensen 3, Nathan Jorgensen 2, Caleb Halsall 1, Zack Slater-Collard 1; Hurricanes, Paul Mackereth 3, Adam Schwedes 2, Darren Schwarz 1, Daniel Pumpa 1.

Kaniva Cobras 2 drew with Warrack Hoops 2

Goals: Cobras, Braden Clark 1, Jordan Clark 1; Hoops, Ethan Schilling 1, Barry Schilling 1.

Umpire Votes: Cobras, Braden Clark 3, Clint Beattie 2, David Cole 1; Hoops, Paul Slater 3, Brad McKenzie 2, Darren Brown 1.

Yanac Tigers 4 def Nhill Rangers 0

Goals: Tigers, Kim Croot 2, Simon Farmers 1, Nathan Alexander 1.

Umpire Votes: Tigers, Simon Farmers 3, Nathan Alexander 2, Jamie Harding 1; Rangers, Grady Janetzki 3, Graeme Janetzki 2, Tim Braendler 1.

Open Ladder after Round 1:

Dimboola Men 4 plus 6, Tigers 4 plus 4, Cobras 2 even, Hoops 2 even, Rangers minus 4, Hurricanes minus 6.