Representative Hockey

Reps at Other Levels

Many players compete at higher levels of hockey, beginning with Junior Country Championships otherwise known as Junior Country Week, and Senior Country Championships otherwise known as Senior Country Week.

Wimmera has sent varying numbers of junior teams to Junior Country Week, and teams to the Men’s Country Week and Women’s Country Week for many years.  Both junior and senior teams have had various levels of success at the Country Championships, sometimes reaching finals and even winning, but all members benefit from the experience of playing at higher levels of competition, usually mostly on artificial surfaces, and the sportsmanship and fun of competing with players who are normally opponents in the local competition.

Wimmera is zoned in the North West Lightning Division for the purposes of the Junior State Championships.  Wimmera has been represented in various teams in the U13, U15, and U17 boys and girls divisions in the past few years.

The South West Games is a tournament in October/November each year where any teams can nominate to compete.  Wimmera teams have had several successes at this tournament.

Masters Games and other tournaments involve some of the more senior members of the WHA who compete at higher levels.

The Country Week organisers call for interest at the very beginning of each season, with tournaments in May and June.

See the Junior Development Officer to register your interest in Junior Country Championships (Junior Country Week), held in May.

See the Men’s Country Week Coordinator or the Women’s Country Week Coordinator to register your interest in the Senior Country Championships, to be held on the June long weekend each year.

Various other tournament organisers will call for interest when appropriate.