Various fees are necessary to cover costs associated with the game of hockey.

Fees are set at club level, association and state level.  Hockey Victoria sets fees which the WHA must pay to stay affiliated and gain benefits such as the Hook in 2 Hockey program and this website amongst other things.  Fees are paid by individual members at the time of their online registration.

The WHA sets out fees for each member after determining what the Hockey Victoria fees will be for each season.  WHA fees are set at the first WHA meeting of the season in February of the new season. The WHA sends accounts to each club prior to each season.

Clubs are responsible for collecting fees from members, on behalf of the WHA.  Clubs will also determine and collect their own club fees for club purposes during the season.

At the WHA level fees cover insurance, administration costs including honorariums, venue hire for meetings, association uniforms, lights fees for night matches, country week expenses, trophies and awards, Hockey Victoria fees, and more.

By becoming a ‘financial member’ through the payment of fees, members have the benefits of insurance coverage amongst other things.

For current fee costs contact your club secretary.