Ways To Contribute

  • Ways to contribute

Other than the obvious executive and leadership roles and playing, supportive roles can be on various committees, cheering, promoting, umpiring, coaching, canteen coordinating and volunteering, tech benching, managing, taxi-ing, first aid, and any number of volunteer positions.  There are many ways to be involved, even if you don’t want to take to the field.

Note that for some of the volunteer positions previous hockey experience is not always necessary.  Coordinating roles such as for minkey hockey can be more focused on the organising of sessions.  A coordinator can be the ‘go-to’ person about sessions, whilst calling on various other coaches or even players to run the sessions.

Most positions are not difficult and may just take a little encouragement to get you on your way to being involved.

An association such as this is made up of all sorts of characters contributing a wide range of skills.

Ask your club how you can contribute and share your skills.