The WHA consists of 6 clubs spanning the Wimmera.  24 teams across 4 divisions (U12, U16, Women, Open) played the 2017 season.  If you live in the Wimmera there should be a club not far from you!

    • Dimboola Hockey Club

    • Horsham Hockey Club

    • Kaniva Hockey Club

    • Nhill and District Sporting Club – Hockey Division

    • Warracknabeal Hockey Club

    • Yanac Hockey Club


  • Family Friendly

WHA is a fun, friendly, family-oriented association where everyone loves the game of hockey, whether playing or supporting, and is devoted to its promotion and success.

Success in hockey is measured not as much on the scoreboard as it is in the fun, fitness and sportsmanship of home and away matches.

Of course, those excelling in their various levels are not without reward, as we admire their skill, effort and determination, and strive to improve and achieve also.

Similarly those contributing greatly in various off-field roles are recognised also.  As at 2017 there are 13 life members of the WHA, several of whom are still actively involved in the WHA, and even playing.

Various awards recognise members in all areas of the sport, including great players, umpires and administrators and various contributors.

WHA venues are fully catered all day allowing for a one-stop day of sport and fun.

WHA also has a no-alcohol policy at matches in keeping with the family friendly atmosphere.

Smokers are also requested to be mindful of other members and keep smoking to certain areas away from players and children especially, and preferably down-wind.