• Executive

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Records Secretary

    • Umpires Convenor

  • Non-Executive

    • Junior Development Officer

    • Historian

  • Club Delegates

    • Dimboola

    • Horsham

    • Kaniva

    • Nhill

    • Warracknabeal

    • Yanac

The WHA committee is made up of a team of six executives plus two non-executive positions.

Each of the six executive positions is expected to be fulfilled by a member from each of the association’s six clubs, allowing for a balanced representation across the executive committee from each of the six clubs.  These roles are rotated on a roster system to allow for varied input and new ideas, and each club bearing some of the responsibilities as well as allowing for all club voices to be heard.

The President and Secretary positions are each two-year terms, changing over on alternate years to help provide some consistency in the executive team.

The non-executive Junior Development Officer position is on the roster system to allow that each club shares this responsibility, which is largely responsible for organising the Junior Country Week contingent.

The non-executive Historian position is the only position not on the roster system, for the purpose of helping to provide some consistency for the collection and safe-keeping of various WHA records, and for the executives and other positions, over several years.

Club Delegates at meetings are also responsible for voting and helping to make decisions about the running of the association, providing extra input from each club.