Yamanto Tavern - Community Partner


The Yamanto Tavern and Ipswich Hockey have become Community Partners.

The Yamanto Tavern is upgrading their loyalty program to ensure Ipswich Hockey members receive discounts on all food and drink purchases when using our rewards cards.

To do this, ALL existing rewards cards will need to be replaced.

A form will need to be completed to get the new card (should take about 5 minutes), so please remember to do this next time you are in the Tavern. This will ensure you continue to receive your 5% discount + reward points and Ipswich Hockey receives a quarterly payment.

If you haven’t got a loyalty card, just let the friendly staff know you are from Ipswich Hockey and ask to get your new card to receive your discount!


Each member will be given a Yamanto Tavern Supporters Card which, when shown, will give you a 5% discount + reward points on all food and beverage purchases.  Each quarter, an amount equivalent to the 5% discount the member received, is paid to Ipswich Hockey. This discount card can be used for a quick bite on the way home, or your next family get together or even a party.

Private Functions, conferences and events can also be catered for at the Yamanto Tavern.

Please ensure you jump on Facebook and like Yamanto Tavern & Alehouse 24 to see what’s happening.  If you also join their mailing list and kids club, there are more incentives available.

So check out www.yamantotavern.com.au and get your discount card from your club’s executive team and we will see you at the Yamanto Tavern sometime soon.