Tax File Number Declaration Form (ATO)

To be completed by ALL rostered workers in the bar and canteen

Blue Cards

For all forms (application/renewal etc) and information relating to Blue Cards issued by the Queensland Government, visit this website:


Honan – National Insurance Program

Hockey Australia is thrilled to announce it will partner with highly regarded and respected insurance broker Honan in respect to its National Insurance Program requirements from 2020.

Honan has developed a new website ( and claims portal which will allow all Clubs and Member Associations 24/7 access to the policies, claims portal, and to download their certificates of currency.

Visit the Honan portal webpage for more information on the National Insurance Program.

Further information is also available from the HQ website: 

Injury/Accident Report Form
This form to be completed whenever an injury occurs on the Ipswich grounds or while fulfilling representative commitments at other locations.
Incident/Complaint Report Form
Umpires Performance Sheet

This form allows for feedback on an umpire's performance, both POSITIVE as well as constructive, to be submitted to the Umpires Committee.

Umpires Payment Information

Form to be completed to advise bank account details for the direct credit of umpiring payments.

Judiciary - Umpire's Report Form

This form is to be completed by umpires for each yellow or red card issued.

Judiciary - Player's Response Form

This form may completed by players who have received a yellow or red card.

IHA Medical Form