Philippine Badminton Association Launchs New Tournament

In the hopes of supporting the growth of badminton across the globe, the Philippine Badminton Association has made an initial 3-year commitment to running the Philippine Open Badminton Championships in Manila.  The 2006 event will be a 4* IBF Grand Prix event featuring USD 120,000 in prize money across all categories.

The Philippines badminton fans are eager supporters of the sport as witnessed in the 2005 MVP Cup (Asia vs Europe Challenge) where more than 5,000 fans showed up each day to watch matches between players who were mostly from countries other than the Philippines.  Players in that event including Nathan Robertson & Gail Emms, Taufik Hidayat, Lin Dan, Pi Hongyan, Mia Audina Tjiptawan and others all concurred that the Philippines Badminton Association and IMG provided a world-class badminton experience from the player/association perspective!