IMPORTANT - To qualify for a refund of your Parent Duty Bond, please ensure you have your name recorded when you perform your duties

Parents are required to perform duties to assist with the running of our sessions – we can’t hold them without you!

The Centre levies a fully-refundable parent duty bond of $75 per family in order to encourage parents to fulfil their parent duties. This bond is part of the registration fee and families are eligible for a duty bond refund after completing all duties for the season.

There are two categories of Duties that contribute toward your duty bond refund:

1. Equipment Set Up/Pack Up Duty and In-Session Parent Duties at Mentone Regular Competition Days (our standard sessions)

Performance of either a duty during the session, or helping with set up/pack up counts toward the duty bond refund tally. You must have your name recorded at the start of your duty session (or at the end of pack up) to ensure your contribution is recognised. For a normal season of 15 Rounds plus PB Day, the following number of duties are required per family:

Age Group Number of duties required per family
Under 6 - Under 8 5
Under 9 - Under 17 4


  • If you have children in both sessions, your family's requirement is the higher number of duties.  For example, if you have 2 children, one in U7 and one in U12, you are required to perform 5 duties in total. Don't add the duties together.
  • These requirements will be reduced if a season is shortened significantly at a ratio of approximately ¼ of available duty sessions for families with 1-2 members or 1/3 of available duty sessions for families of 3 or more.

2. Special Event Duties

Should your child participate in Mentone Relay Day or Regional/State events, you must also perform rostered duties for our Centre at those events. These duties are not counted directly toward the tally of duties for normal sessions, but they do need to be performed to qualify for the duty bond refund. The failure to nominate or complete duties at Regional or State events may result in the forfeit of your duty bond refund, or in extreme cases your child being excluded from competing.

Set-up and Pack-up duty roster:

Date Set-up Pack-up
7. Oct U8 U13-17
14. Oct U7 U12
21. Oct U6 U11
28. Oct U8 U10
4. Nov U7 U9
25. Nov U6 U13-17
2. Dec U8 U12 (washed out)
9. Dec U7 U11
19. Jan U6 U12
27. Jan U8 U10
3. Feb U7 U9
17. Feb U6 U13-17
24. Feb U8 U12
2. Mar U7 U11
16. Mar U6 U9, U10


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