Southern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Carnival

2023/2024 - Event Wrap Up

Recently, our Mentone athletes competed at the Region Track and Field Carnival at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve. There were plenty of new PB's, medals, records broken and fantastic sportsmanship on display. It was great to see all of our athletes and families cheering each other on across the weekend.


We would like to congratulate all of our athletes on their results, with special congratulations going to our medalists and record breakers!


The following Mentone Any Venue records were broken:


Our Medallists were:


Charlotte Lorinc - 70m 1st

Charlotte Lorinc - 700m Walk 3rd

Nina Dunstan - 70m 2nd

Nina Dunstan - 100m 3rd

Tyra Shuttleworth - 100m, 200m, 60m Hurdles 1st

Tyra Shuttleworth - Long Jump 2nd

Adriella Ochom - Long Jump 1st

Adriella Ochom - 100m, 60m Hurdles, High Jump 2nd

Adriella Ochom - 200m 3rd

Zoe Crosswell - Shot Put 2nd

Joshua Cartwright - 60m Hurdles 1st



Ella Smith - 1100m Walk 1st

Brigitte Monotti - 1100m Walk 3rd

Amelia Bertucci - 80m Hurdles 3rd

Ashton Mee - High Jump 1st

Ed Tulimowski - 400m 2nd

Kurt Davies - 70m 3rd

William Malcomson - 1100m Walk 2nd



Hugh Blandamer - 80m Hurdles 1st

Hugh Blandamer - 200m 2nd

Hugh Blandamer - Long Jump 3rd

Jacob Fragiacomo - 80m Hurdles 2nd

Max Pearson - Shot Put 3rd



Taylah Lamb - 100m & Shot Put 1st

Taylah Lamb - Long Jump 3rd

Delilah Dartnell - Triple Jump 1st

Delilah Dartnell - 100m & 200m 2nd

Delilah Dartnell - 400m 3rd

Eden Benton - 800m & 1500m 2nd

Eliza Ayres - 1500m & 1500m Walk 3rd

Persia Karageorgiou - Long Jump 1st

Persia Karageorgiou - 80m Hurdles 2nd

Grace Loftus - High Jump 3rd

Hugo Jeffries - MC 100m, 200m, Long Jump & Shot Put 1st

Levi Dayaseela - Discus, Javelin, Shot Put 1st

Christian Bourke - 800m & 1500m 3rd

Archer Parsons - 80m Hurdles & Shot Put 3rd



Eveline Lorencak - Discus 2nd

Matthew Rumsey - MC 400m & 800m 1st

Matthew Rumsey - MC 100m, 200m & Long Jump 2nd

Zac Pearson - Long Jump 3rd

Micah Reuben - Javelin 3rd



Lexie Brown - 100m & Shot Put 2nd

Lexie Brown - 400m & Discus 3rd

Lucille Malcomson - Javelin 1st

Lucille Malcomson - 200m Hurdles 2nd

Jasmine Chilco-Burns - Javelin 3rd



Emily Gamble - 400m 2nd

Emily Gamble - 90m Hurdles & Shot Put 3rd

Morgan Wydeman - Long Jump & Triple Jump 3rd

Deng Agook - 400m, High Jump, Long Jump 1st

Jonty Law - 1500m Walk 1st



Indiana Dickson - 90m Hurdles 1st

Indiana Dickson - 300m Hurdles 2nd

Indiana Dickson - Javelin 3rd



Sophie Cheep - 100m, 200m & Triple Jump 1st

Sophie Cheep - Long Jump 3rd

Mizuki Roche - 100m Hurdles & 300m Hurdles 2nd 


We now look forward to the State Track and Field Championships in March. Congratulations to those athletes who progressed! Full list can be found here


We would also like to send a huge thanks to all our parents who helped with duties, our Team Managers Lucy, Sophie, Tess and Paivi, and our dedicated team of Mentone officials, who continue to volunteer their time to support these events.


Go Mentone!



Good luck to all of our athlete's who are competing at the Region Track and Field Carnival this coming weekend at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve. The weather is looking great, and we can't wait to see you give it your best!


The following information is only for parents with athletes participating. There is no regular round at Mentone this weekend as we head off to this event.


The Parent Duty Roster can now be found here. Please take a moment to check your allocation/s. If you have multiple children competing, or are competing on both days, please check both rosters carefully. Please email to me by 7pm Friday 9th February to acknowledge your duties. 


We have many roles to fill on the day so please be mindful that not performing your duty will put additional pressure on the club and other families and we appreciate your assistance in making the day run smoothly.


A few things to remember with your duties;

  • Please check-in at the Mentone table 15 mins before your duty - don't go straight to your duty.

  • Please wear closed-toed shoes and avoid using your phones whilst on duty - no photography.

Additional Event Information

The LAVic Information Page.

The Timetable for Saturday and Sunday.

Athlete Information.


Please check the Athlete information for full info, but some important points are:

  • For the Track events, there is a call room which will open 30mins before race time and CLOSE 20mins before race time. 

  • For Field events, you'll need to be at the Field Marshall Point 20mins prior to your event

  • Athletes are required to wear their full Centre uniform (Mentone top, black shorts), a Coles badge sewn onto your uniform top and your weekly Registration patch. 

  • We will set up a number of Mentone tents at a designated spot around the track. Please feel free to bring along chairs with you and enjoy the day. 

  • Please arrive with plenty of time to park. It can get very busy as the car park is shared with the Netball courts. There's also street parking around the perimeter of the track and on East Boundary Road.

  • Our Team Managers on Saturday are Lucy (0414 893 596), Sophie (0433 253 806) and Nicole. Our Team Managers on Sunday are Paivi (0415 552 818) Tess (0413 595 848) and Lucy.

If your child will no longer be competing on the weekend, please let us know ASAP


All the best for the weekend ahead


Go Mentone!


Next weekend we have 78 athletes competing at the Region Track and Field Carnival, which is being held at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve. The following information is for those families with athletes participating in the event. If your child is not competing, then please disregard. 


As always with these events, we cannot participate without your help and we appreciate your assistance. Everyone is required to perform one duty per child, per day they are participating. 


Please note that if your athlete is in one of the last events of the day, you may be allocated to this time slot regardless of your preference nomination.


To nominate your preferences, please email here by 5pm Tuesday 6th February. It's important to note that it's not always possible to allocate you your first preference, so please provide at least 3 options, per child that is competing


If you have registered your child to compete, but they will no longer be participating in one or more of their events, please let me know


Thank you again for your help


Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena