Mentone Relay Day Parent Duty Roster Timeslot Nominations

This information is for parents of Athletes participating in Mentone Relay Day, this Sunday 12th November.

Parents are required to perform 1 Parent Duty per participating Athlete.  We can't run this fantastic event without help from everyone involved.

Duties range from helping with the BBQ/Canteen through to marshalling kids on the track.

To help us build a parent duty roster that suits everyone, please click here to send an email to Alex Woods (, including the Athlete(s) name, age group and timeslots that suit you.  Please send in your preference before 7pm on Wednesday 8th November.

As a rough guide, the timeslots are:

8am - 10am
10am - 1pm
1pm - 4pm
4pm - 6pm

Thanks very much, we really appreciate everyone's contribution to making Mentone Relay Day a success.