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NSW Police Golf Club (inc)

President: Fred Brame  
Vice President: Tony Doggett  
Secretary: Andy Barker agbarks@aol.com
Treasurer: Barry Burns  

The N.S.W. Police Golf Club is the oldest sporting body within the N.S.W. Police Force, having been formed in 1932 by the then Commissioner Mr. Walter Henry Childs. It is also the oldest Social Golf Club in Australia.


Mr. Childs, a keen golfer, had applied for and been refused membership of the exclusive Royal Sydney Golf Club, due to his background, having risen through the ranks.  Somewhat miffed by this refusal, Mr. Childs set about forming the N.S.W. Police Social Golf Club.  He sought permission to play on various Sydney courses and the club was formed.


A constitution was drawn up and the first committee elected.  Competition fees were small and the trophies in those days were generally a few golf balls.


The first club championships were held that year, consisting of 36 holes qualifying with 16 qualifiers playing off under match play conditions.  Mr. Childs donated a cup known as the W.H. Childs Cup for the leading qualifier and a gold medal for the eventual champion.  This first championship was won by Constable Cecil Coupland.  The same conditions for the club championship still apply, except that B and C grade championships have been added, and the medal has been replaced by club blazers.


The first years of the clubs history were depression years and its development was slow and almost ceased to exist during the war years.  After the war, activity within the club resumed, golfing equipment was readily available again and competitions were held at St. Michaels, Moore Park and other public clubs.  Sponsorship was introduced and proved a great success as it also provided the opportunity for these sponsors to join the Police in competing on the finest courses available in Sydney.  The Club attracted to its ranks some notable and exceptional Police golfers, perhaps the most outstanding being Vic Bulgin, who represented Australia in the Eisenhower Cup.


Many other fine golfers including Fred Miller, Reg Dunn, Harvey Wilson Jack Newton snr. And Mark Wilson – all champions of their own various clubs – were all regular members of the Police Golf Club.  More recently Peter Read, Mike Edgtton and Stuart McDiamid have also been members.  Harvey Wilson and Peter Read have both won the world left-handers championship.


In 1956 the Olympics were held in Melbourne and a member of the N.S.W. Police Consorting Squad was required to perform duty there.  He was Steve Duff, a keen golfer, who returned with a glowing account of the Victorian golf courses and information concerning the newly formed Victorian Police Golf Club.


The Captain of the N.S.W. Police Golf Club Ray Blissett approached the Commissioner Mr. Colin Delaney, also a keen golfer and foundation member of the N.S.W. Police Golf Club with the idea of a competition between the two states.  Suitable arrangements were made and in March 1957 Ray Blissett took a field of 24 golfers and a few supporters to Melbourne. In 2009 we managed to locate another member who was also a foundation member, retired Chief Superintendent, Gregory George BROWN, now 92yrs of age and residing at Port Macquarie.


So was born the Australian Police Golf Championships which have expanded to include all states and territories of Australia.  These championships are held annually, generally in March over a week and are hosted on a rotational basis by the individual states and territories.


In 2010 Coffs Harbour will be the host venue.  Such is the popularity of these events that in excess of 250 golfers compete each year and restrictions have to be placed on entries.  The original concept of formulating friendships and camaraderie between the Police Forces has been maintained and is actively supported by the various Commissioners and state government Ministers, with these persons regularly being present at opening and closing ceremonies.  Such is the prestige of this event that major corporations provide sponsorship to assist in the conduct of the event which involves great organization and expenditure.


In 1982 the N.S.W. Police Golf Club celebrated its golden anniversary with a week of golf, organized along similar lines to the Australian Police Golf Championships.


Since those early days the Police Golf Club has grown and despite ever increasing costs of participating on the best courses, maintains its attraction by providing the opportunity for Police officers and their guests to play some of the finest and most exclusive courses in Sydney, such as The Lakes, Monash, Killara, Pymble, New South Wales. Bonnie Doon, Long Reef and many more.  A generous bequest by the late Inspector Steve Engel, added to by his widow, provides trophies for a perpetual Steve Engel Trophy over three days during the year and attracts large fields.


The club participates once each fortnight, on either a Tuesday or a Thursday, with new members always welcome.  The average field is about 45 and average cost of green and competition fees is $55.  Any serving or retired member of the N.S.W. Police Force may join and visitors are also welcome and compete in the competitions.


We currently have over 600 register players consisting of current serving members, retired members, and NSW Ambulance and Corrective Services and civilians.


2010 Calendar of Events


NSW Police Championships - 10 August at Concord 1st Round (Stroke events), 26 August at Lynwood 2nd Round, 7 September at Strathfield 3rd Round.

Australian Matchplay Championships - 7 - 13 November at Murray River area. Limited to 10 players per State.


Club Membership Fee

$20.00 per person per annum.


Additional Contact for information regarding the NSW Police Golf Club is Mr Greg Faulkner (Assistant Secretary) on 0410.336.360 or gregfaulkner@optusnet.com.au