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The NSW Police Council of Sport is an organisation set up to foster, encourage and regulate sport and sporting competitions within, and by members of, the NSW Police Force. The Council provides assistance to members and teams engaged in internal, domestic and international competitions between police, emergency services and like organisations.

The Council of Sport is an incorporated body governed by its constitution with an important relationship to the NSW Police Force. The Chair of the NSW Police Council of Sport is Assistant Commissioner David Hudson, APM

NSW Police Council of Sport Executive Committee consists of:
- Assistant Commissioner David Hudson, APM
- Treasurer: Mr Max May - Retired
- Secretary: Detective Inspector Ben Janssen, State Crime Command

- Senior Officer: Superintendent Luke Moore, Robbery & Serious Crime Squad

- Detective Senior Sergeant Roslyn Keys - Counter Terrorism Command
- Detective Sergeant Stephen McDonald, State Crime Command
- Senior Constable Garrie Watt - Warrants

- Sergeant Dave Flood - Operation Count Down, St Marys LAC

- Detective Sergeant Erryn Twigg - State Crime Command.

There are currently 28 financially affiliated NSW Police Sports Club which organize regular events in NSW, are featured as sports in the NSW Police Games, participate in Australian National Police Championships and in other national and international police sports events, such as the:

  • Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games (AP&ES Games),
  • World Police and Fire Games.

The NSW Police team has been highly successful competing at both the AP&ES Games and the World Police & Fire Games, with a team just recently returning with medals in hand from the World Police & Fire Games in British Columbia, Canada.

The individual Clubs of the NSW Police Council of Sport are as follows:
AFL, Basketball, Bowling (Lawn), Boxing, Clay Target, Cycling and Triathlon, Cricket, Distance Running, Equestrian, Fishing, Football (Rugby League) Association, Golf, Hockey, Indoor Cricket, Mountain Bike Racing, Netball, Pistol, Rugby Union, Sailing, Ski, Soccer and Indoor Soccer, Softball, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling and Track & Field.

Physical fitness is an important ingredient in the makeup of a Police Officer. Personal well-being and performance are enhanced by physical fitness with more corporations recognizing the associated benefits that participation bring, and are encouraging their staff to improve fitness levels. It is also recognised that regular activity greatly assists in the release of tension and the relief of stress.

Police officers, employees, there families and friends involved in sport and the community, share a common bond of friendship and competition. Involvement with the NSW Police Council of Sport will help to maintain appropriate levels of health, fitness and camaraderie as well as have the potential to improve your quality of life.

 October 2010 e-News