Umpires News



Umpires Discussion Group

are held bi-monthly

at D.Y.R.S.L in the Cabana Room - if it is free

10am (for 10.15) until 12md

Good idea to bring your latest Bowls Matters and Laws of the Sport of Bowls book Crystal Mark 3rd edition.


Next meeting is our Christmas Meeting - Monday 12th November2018


These Umpire discussion meetings, are important on a social level, also for Law matters, to discuss any problems/'happenings' on the greens while umpiring.

Meetings for 2019
18th March
6th May
29th July
16th September
18th November
 !!!  All bowlers welcome  !!!
If you want to be more informed about the Laws of the Sport of Bowls
come to our meetings - love to welcome you.
Helen Edwards  -  Umpire Educator