Everyone that wishes to join Cazalys Palmerston Club must show Identification.

Link your Cazalys membership to Southern Districts Football Club – show your SDFC membership card for proof of membership.

If you are a member of SDFC every purchase you make keeps a POINT tally for the club.

For example – if you spend $25 in the bottleshop, you receive 25 cents and SDFC is credited with 25 points.

As an individual, you may redeem your points (in the bottle shop or bar ONLY)

Each 6 months, every Affiliated Club receives an amount dependant on how many points each club has tallied.

This is a percentage figure of the total of the pool & will vary. 

Members please swipe your card when at Cazalys and contribute to the amount of points Southern Districts receives.  This will increase the total the Club receives. 

Cazalys Palmerston Club rewards loyalty, the more you members support us, the more we can support the SDFC.