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  Region School Sport Officer Primary Region Coordinator Secondary Region Coordinator
Name: Sharon Myhre-Davis Vicki Hughes Helen Pascoe
Location: School Sport Victoria Creswick Primary School Ballarat Secondary College (Wendouree Campus)
Telephone: (03) 9488 9476 (03) 5345 2044 (03) 5336 7200
Mobile: 0400 954 375 0419 580 826 0408 357 767
Facsimile: (99) 9999 9999 (03) 5345 8031 (03) 5338 1433
Email: myhre-davis.sharon.a@edumail.vic.gov.au hughes.vicki.a@edumail.vic.gov.au hpascoe@ballaratsc.vic.edu.au
Address: PO BOX 13 (189 Urquhart Street)
P.O. Box 1877 Mail Centre


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Placegetters in the Grampians Cross Country

9/10 Boys

1. Jeremiah McKenzie: Horsham PS                        2. Jarrod Curran: St Columbas                3. Matthew Wynne: Horsham West PS

9/10 Girls

1. Jordie McAuliffe: Horsham West PS                     2. Casey Farquhar: Mt Blowhard PS          3. Amber Dennis: Haddon PS

11 Boys

1. Thomas Berry: Horsham West PS                       2. Blake Dodson: Kaniva College             3. Zac Oliver: Pleasant Street PS

11 Girls

1. Heidi Beaton: Mt Clear PS                                 2. Kiarra Westcott: Balmoral P-12             3. Sarah Botheras: Birchip P-12

12 Boys

1. Brandon Pryor: St Francis Xavier                         2. Hayden Thompson: Ballan PS               3. Raine Machley: Pomonal PS

12 Girls

1. Faith McKenzie: Horsham PS                              2. Tayla Dalton: Stawell PS                      3. Erin Plucke: Black Hill PS

13 Boys

1. Darcy Alexander: Marian C                                 2. Todd Douglass: Ballarat HS                  3. Jarrod Bermingham

Winning Team: Ballarat HS

13 Girls

1. Paris Panozzo: St Brigids                                    2. Rebecca O'Keefe: Ballarat HS              3. Jemmelle Venes: Beaufort SC

Winning Team: Ballarat HS

14 Boys

1. Darcy Preston: Nhill C                                         2. Zach Shipman: Ballarat HS                  3. Alex Wisely: Ballarat HS

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS

14 Girls

1. Bridey Sanders: Kaniva C                                    2. Ashley Davis: Nhill C                          3. Aleesha Robertson: St Brigids

Winning Team: Horsham C

15 Boys

1. Jesse Fullerton: Ballarat SC                                 2. Ryan Norman: Ballarat HS                   3. Paddy Kennedy: St Brigid's

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS

15 Girls

1. Georgia Lockhart: Ballarat HS                              2. Jemma Mirabella: Ballarat HS               3. Maddison Sharp: Sebastopol SC

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS

16 Boys

1. Jack Davies: Ballarat HS                                     2. Healy Hammerton: Murtoa C                 3. Mitch Emmett: Horsham C

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS

16 Girls

1. Louise Wood: Ballarat HS                                  2. Polly Hammerton: Murtoa C                      3. Jaime Palmer: Ballarat HS

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS

17-20 Boys

1. Ashley Cowen: Stawell SC                                   2. Ton Crowhurst: Nhill C                             3. Nick Venville: Ballarat SC

Winning Team: Ballarat HS

17-20 Girls

1. Bridget Milesi: Daylesford SC                              2. Rachelle Jackson: Sebastopol SC              3. Sara Tucker: Ballarat HS

Winning Team:  Ballarat HS