A.P.& E.S Games.



The Australian Police & Emergency Services (A.P & E.S.) Games planning is on track to hit Halls Head Bowling Club starting Sunday 28 October 2018 with rollups and familiarisation. 


As a general overview, bowling competition starts on Monday. There will be pairs, singles and fours for both Open and Novice events. There will be a ‘Commissioners Challenge’ on Tuesday following general competition. Competition finishes on Friday afternoon with results presentations.


There will be disruption to some of our normal programming but the intention is to try and combine as many of our events and activities as possible.


Numbers have grown considerably from the 70 to 80 initially discussed to figures now around 134.


Please look at the publication from Mick O’Halloran regarding activities and helpers required.


An outline of the programme and the effect on Our bowling Club is as follows:



Sunday 28 October – Rollups. There is no proposed interruptions to HHBC or Peel general activities. Feel free to come down and polish your skills.



Monday 29 October – Pairs starts at 8.30 am with most rinks occupied all day for five rounds of bowling.


Following play there will be a BBQ for players and officials. 



Tuesday 30 October – Pairs finals on A & D greens.


Ladies pennants (division 1 – HH green, division 3 – HH blue) on B green and Men’s pennants (division 1 – HH2 V HH1) changed from afternoon to morning on C green.


All greens will be occupied from 1.00 pm with singles.


At 4.30 pm the ‘Commissioners Challenge’ will start on A green. This is a challenge between all state Commissioners. 



Wednesday 31 October – Continuation of singles for final three rounds, with finals concluding at 6:00pm


HH Men’s social starts at 2.45 pm. On B & C greens.


A smorgasbord is planned for early evening for all AP&ES players, visitors and Halls Head people. Cost $23.00/ head. A band is intend to help make this a social night.




Thursday 1 November – Fours starts on A, B & C green and runs for 5 rounds until 6.00 pm.


HH Ladies social on D green. 




Friday 2 November – Fours finals starting 1.00 pm on A & D green.


Greens are not occupied at all in the morning and Scroungers can be played on B & C greens in the afternoon.


HH normal Friday afternoon and Friday Club night are all go. Everybody is welcome for a good windup night.