2018 Fours Carnival


The 2018 Men's Fours Carnival was held on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April. Sponsored by Mandurah Quay Resort, Mandurah Caravan & R.V Centre and the City of Mandurah, the field of 200 players enjoyed perfect weather conditions.

Players from local, city & Sth West Clubs, plus a few imports from East & U.K., competed with 3 games played on Saturday. The format provided that teams were graded on their Saturday's score, with the top 12 teams going into a !st Division on Sunday, the 2nd 12 teams into 2nd Division, next 12 teams into 3rd Division and the final 14 teams into a 4th Division.

On Sunday another 3 games were played and results based on performance in each Division, with points won, shots up,  percentage & ends won determining the results.

Eventual winners were team skipped by John Trewella, with Martin Biggs, Barry Jenkins & Matt Trewella.


1st Division second place went to John Goddard, Bernie Hett, Dave Bradbury & Glyn Lynch.

1st Division 3rd place went to Gary Caffell, warren McDonald, Ivan Daniel & J.J Butt.

2nd Division was won B. Ball's team.

3rd Division winners were H. Lewinski's team.

4th Division winners were G. Hull's team.

At the presentations winners were unanimous in their praise of the format, greens & catering and organisation of the event. The Ladies were warmly congratulated for their efforts in the kitchen.

The Winners of the day were presented with the Norm Seaman Memorial Perpetual Trophy.

A great weekend was had, even by the teams not winning anything.