Hi-Lo Day 2018


HI-LO DAY 2018


The thirty five bowlers who turned out for the HI-LO day last Saturday were blessed with blue skies, temperature in the mid twenties and almost no wind – perfect for bowls (so with the exception of those in Bendigo, where was everyone?)

Three games of two bowl triples were played with experienced skips and thirds leading for a change (which most seemed to enjoy) and some bowlers who might not otherwise have had the opportrunity, directing play. There was also a sprinkling of new members which was good to see.

After the completion of two games there were only a handfull of two game winners with the ATrain’s rink in front (he was more than adequately supported by Norm Buckley and Kerry Lewis). However they fell at the final hurdle, frustrated by a guy called TMAC who “was all over it,” (the jack that is.)

In the end there were no three game winners. With two wins and on shots up, John Coote, John Siekman and Wally Noy were runners up while the major prize went to Terry O’Toole, Darren Webster and Gary (Crow) Crowley. The prize for first resting toucher was collected by Jim Barrie. Other prizes were decided by fanning the cards.

Special mention to the “gentleman of the day,” Vince Bevilacqua, who awarded one shot to his opponent on the final end of their game rather than see her clean sheeted. Who said the days of chivalry and bowls etiquette were dead?

As usual, at the end of the day the players were provided with a table full of delicious finger food all prepared by the indefatigable Faye Ritchie. The efforts of Crow and ATrain behind the bar were also appreciated as was the assistance of Razor Ray and Luis who helped on the greens at both ends of the day.


Des Leigh