Cammo's Corner


Club Singles Championship - Mens’ and Ladies’ Singles Championship Rounds are continuing with latest results as follows;

Men's – Josh Rudd d. Adam Streltschenko, Mason Bayliss d. Greg Porter, Rob Taylor d. Graham Brown and Ashley Bates d. Paul Davies.

Ladie's – Lyn Retallick d. Louise Farrar, Marg Bedford d. Elaine Gilby and Alice Bounader d. Julie Jones.

Mens’ Social Bowls14/11Money Pot – G.Brown, Ron Harrison and Col Fitzmaurice. Other winners – Andrew Riddle and Carl Wilms, D.Amber, R.Bennett and Z.Amber, Kevin Polley and Graeme Cox.

Former Board Member, John Gill, is still experiencing health problems and best wishes are extended to him for a good recovery in the near future.