Draft Constitution Feb. 2018


Constitution rewrite

In accordance with the requirements of the West Australian Department of Commerce all clubs are to review their constitution. Over the past year and a half, our Club has been carrying out these requirements.

To this end a great deal of gratitude must be extended to Ted Bowman for his persistence in leading this group. Along the way Ted has been assisted by Ian Wilson, Margaret Hall, Peter Little and Patsy Smith. Ted has also had discussions with Clubs WA to present a Clubs and Racing and Gaming perspective.

This draft constitution is now being presented to the Members until close of business on March 12 2018 for discussion and critical opinion. After that period, it will be presented to the Department of Commerce for final review before going to the Club AGM or a Special General Meeting for approval.

In the meantime, the group will continue the review of:

Club By-laws, Ladies By-laws, Men’s By-laws, Conditions of Play.

Feel free to print your own copy or order a hard copy of this document from the office.

Please take some time to forward us your written comments to the office because it is important to have this document as correct as it should be.

Kevin Lobb - President


Draft Constitution.