Crowley Day 2018 Report




Teams came from near and far on Sunday to compete in the annual Theo and Beryl Crowley Memorial Tournament sponsored by the Crowley family in honour of the significant contribution the husband and wife team made to the foundation, development and growth of the Pakenham Bowls Club.  Both were life members of the club, as is their son Gary who continues the family tradition.  

As MC for the day, Gary provided a brief history of his family’s involvement with the club and in addition to thanking all of the volunteers who helped make the day happen, he welcomed the visitors and expressed his appreciation of the support which they had shown both on this day and in previous years.  He also thanked the many family members who attended, including even great-great grandchildren.

It was great to see the usual strong contingent up from Port Welshpool for the day in recognition of the relationship created between the two clubs when Gary’s brother Geoff (dec) established an outpost of Clan Crowley in that town and later became a life member of its bowls club.  It was also pleasing to welcome back Gary’s nephew Peter Jonas, a former Pakenham member who assisted with the MC’s duties and the presentation of prizes.

Special mention was made also of a former school mate of Gary’s, Brian Johnson.  Brian’s father had been instrumental in the foundation of the Pakenham Bowls Club both as accountant for the Commercial Bank when the club was established and as its foundation Secretary.  Brian, a fellow bowler, had enterred three teams in the tournament from his home club Karringal.

Also present and worthy of special mention was Andrew Jackson who had enterred a team from the Melbourne Bowling Club.  Andrew’s Grandmother Min Jackson was a foundation member, Secretary, Vice President and Champion of the Ladies Section of the Pakenham Bowls Club.  

Although the day was played under the usual tournament conditions, it was a very laid back and relaxed affair with some rules being bent at times to keep games flowing.  It was wonderful to see bowlers actually having fun on the greens – a part of the great game which is not always apparent nowdays in the sometimes cut throat competitiveness of Pennant play.

At the end of the day however there had to be winners and it was with great delight that the recipients of the various prizes came up to relieve Gary and Peter of the winners’ envelopes and the Crowley cash they contained.  Overall winners and recipients of the major prize were a family team consisting of son Stephen Arms (S), father Graeme Arms (3), Mother Judith Arms (2) and ring-in and friend Bryan Biasci as lead.

The day was completed with a splendid afternoon tea which had been created as a bit of “loaves and fishes”magic by Faye Ritchie and her helpers.  Faye’s home made sausage rolls were, as ever, a favourite!


Des Leigh

Gary Crowley and Peter Jonas with the Winners: Stephen, Graeme

and Judith Arms and Brian Biasci.

Andrew Jackson

Brian Johnson

Graeme Arms

Judith Arms

Group action

Peter Jonas

Jim Barrie