Rider Info - John Lehmann/Pud Brooks Wheelrace Track Carnival info

Good evening folks – sorry for the late info send-out but we’ve been busy finalizing the program so we can send it out with this note.


Just a few short informative notes below:


We will endeavor to get the track open at 1.00pm for those that wish to warm up on the track.  Make sure you are signed on and numbers pinned left and back before going on the track.

  • Racing starts at 2pm – refer attached for the program
  • If you are going to scratch from an event, please let us know ASAP so we can change the program if necessary
  • Make sure you are ready for your event – it’s a big program and we don’t want to be waiting for riders to line up on the starting rail because they are still scrounging around on the floor for their shoes & helmet!
  • Whilst we know it is often difficult to secure a holder/pusher for the Wheelraces, please try to line one up before you make your way out to your mark – we’ll make sure we put a call-out to the stands prior to the Wheelraces to give time for the parentals to make their way down from the stands. (Not across the track – unfortunately it’s the long trek down the ramp and under the track!)
  • Note to parents: with the exception of parents of Juniors U13 or under, we generally request all parents spectate from the stands, however given the need for holder/pushers we will be a bit more relaxed about this.  Handlers that are staying in the pits for the duration of the event will be asked to sign on, along with any other official volunteers and coaches
  • Please ensure if you place top 5 in the feature Wheelraces that you are available for presentation which will occur shortly after the final of the John Lehmann Wheelrace.
  • Whilst we try to keep things very informal at PACC events and this is ‘club racing’ there a couple of general track rules the Commissaires are hot on at our track racing – racing on the drops, keeping hands on the handlebars at all time (no “look mum, no hands!”), and the wearing of glasses with excessive tint.  Please keep these in mind.  The tinted glasses rule is a somewhat controversial one with a few different interpretations depending on who you speak to and until we have further clarification, we are looking at this on a case by case basis – to be honest I’d rather they enforce the wearing of gloves as a rule as opposed to governing how tinted someone’s glasses are but I’m not part of the UCI technical commission so don’t get a say!
  • We’re serving some light snacks (cheese toasties (GF and vegan available), sausage rolls, lemon cake, carrot cake, chocolate muffins, scones with jam and cream) and cold drinks from the kiosk and The Bean Peddler will be there to provide caffeinated beverages.


If you have any questions during the afternoon, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of the helpful PACC volunteers.


See you tomorrow!


David Miller

Port Adelaide CC


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