Halls Head Open Triples October 2017.


The Men's Open Triples event held at Halls Head on the 11th October, 2017 attracted an impressive field of 40 teams, representing local, South West & Metro Clubs. The good conditions ensured some excellent bowling, and greens were running well.

Results: The eventual winners of the event were the Warnboro team of John Trewella (Skip), Craig Greenhallot & Matt Trewella, with four wins and +35 shots. Captain Doug Myer with the winners.


The Runners Up were a Halls Head team of Bill Harris (Skip), Keith Fleming & Laurie Scanlan, with four wins +27 shots.


3rd Place  went to another Halls Head tead consisting of Bernie Hett (Skip), Rod Gumbleton & Barrie Starbuck, with 4 wins +13 shots.

The Round Winners were:

1. M. O'Halloran, G. Steele & L. Coyne, with +13. (Halls Head).

2. M. Bodecott, R. Schalders, & R. Busani, with +16 (Dudley Park).

3. B. Leckie, P. Collings & R. Pierce, with + 19 (Mandurah).

4. D. Ashworth, F. Gobbart & J. Sarre, with +12 (Halls Head/Dudley Park).

Of course the winners were grinners, but even those without the results had a good day, with some good catering & refreshments.