Halls Head Ladies win two Pennants.


In the Final of the 2016/17 Pennant Season the Halls Head teams performed well, winning the 2nd & 4th Division Pennants.

All Divisions were involved in the Finals series.

1st Division.

Having finished 3rd on the Ladder at seasons end, Halls Head Green (69) beat Port Bouvard Red (45) in the first Final. However they were eliminated in the second Final when they played Dudley Park Gold (62) to Green's (53).

Dudley Park were beaten in the Grand Final by Mandurah.

2nd Division.

Halls Head Gold finished on top of the ladder after round 14, with  H.H Red in second place. They played each other in the 1st Final with Red beating Gold 60/51.

In the second Final Gold beat Pt. Bouvard Gold 63/45 to set up a Derby Grand Final.

In the final test Red were once again the winners, 68/62. It was a close fought event all the way through but Red bought home the Flag. Well Done!

The Winners Halls Head Red.

Both Teams together before the game.


3rd Division.

H.H Blue finished third on the Ladder and won their first final  against Yunderup 60/51. Unfortunately they were eliminated by Meadow Springs Red in the second Final 63/50.

Mandurah Pink won the Final against Meadow Springs Red 68/52.

4th Division.

H.H Purple finished 2nd on the Ladder & H.H Orange 4th, so both played in Finals.

Purple were beaten by Mandurah Gold 27/13 in 1st Final. Orange won their match against Meadow Springs 22/17.

In the second Final H.H Purple beat H.H Orange 21/15 to go through to the Final.

In the Final Purple played Mandurah Gold & were able to beat them 19/13 to win the Clubs second Pennant for the season.

Winners are Grinners.

Well done to all the players, winners & loosers. It was agreat result for the Club. There was much celebration back at the Club after and the occasional glass of bubbly was disposed of.