Results: Focus CXtwiLITE Race1: Kangatilla

First summer cyclocross race for 2016/17 Summer 'Focus CXtwiLITE' season saw a record breaking set-up crew prepare an awesome, dusty short course in the North Adelaide Park Lands for all to enjoy - set-up took less than 45min! (yay #PACCCXCREW!)

Park 4 (Kangatilla) was the venue which PACC has only used once before, which features thick bulldust, bull-ants, 3-corner-jacks, dry mouldy mulch, hardpacked dirt, a gravel road and a new smoooooth bitumen path. All the ingredients you'd ever want to race in 'Straya Summer CX. Enjoy a virtual tour of the course courtesy of Brett Pullford's somewhat mesmorising sprocket-cam:

Well done to those who raced and finished, with many riders puncturing in practice.  We had a hiccup with the timing system due to a change in the way we setup the event.  We've learnt from this but unfortunately it means only about half the field were chip-timed, the rest were insrtered in to the race manually from manual results.  Accordingly if your lap times don't make sense, or you don't remember finishing in a sprint with someone on the same time - please don't complain as it's the best we have time to do.

For those riders that did puncture, snap chains, eat energy gels, or drink beers it will be appreciated if you take your spare tubes/wrappers/cans/general detritus home with you, or put them in a bin. We want to leave the Adelaide Park Lands tidier than when we arrived, please. 


Race Animations/Even more Results/nerdy stuff to come (later)

Slider pic C/-Russel Christie-Taylor - Joseph and Yibin tackle the full course in the new Junior CX Race