2016 Service Awards


Since 2010 the Women’s Masters Council has recognised the contribution and dedication of players and officials for outstanding service at State, National and International levels. At the 2016 National Championships in Hobart 15 service awards were presented.
Award categories are

  • State Service as recognised and submitted by the State bodies for service within the State
  • Green and Gold Club – for at least 10 Australian representations
  • Australian Service for outstanding contribution to Australian Women’s Masters hockey at a national and international level.

In 2016 the awards recognise State Service and Australian service. There were no Green and Gold Club inductees in 2016.

Australian Service Awards - Nikki Beaton and Robyn Bannerman

State Service Awards - Tasmania - Peri Buckley; Melissa Ford; Joanne Traynor. NSW - Christine Eather; Cheryl Rutherford. Victoria - Joanna Hale; Ruth Lennie. Queensland - Suzanne Lofts; Megan Ward. Western Australia - Rae Blunt; Patricia Halden; Maris Margetts; Lorna Woodley