Results: 2016 FOCUS Crossfire Cup Race 4 LONGVIEW

HUGE final Focus Bikes Crossfire Cup event (race 4 of 4) with the support of Red Bull +new #brutal course at Longview Vineyard!

A superbe setup under the Red Bull tents with DJ Tr!p pumping beats all day and all the food and drink you could ever want for, an enthusiastic bunch of CX racers and fans 'enjoyed' probably the toughest course in Australia, with amazing views to boot.  Deep mud in places, loose off-camber corners, a steep gravel pinch and barriers cruelly at the top of the course mean there was zero rest for riders and plenty of places for heckers to enjoy the day.

Only big let down of the day was the long list of non-scratched DNS riders.  You all missed out big time.  

'Best Dressed' rider of the day went to Tracey Green who wore a Robin (as in Batman) outfit, including cape.

Congratulations to PACCers Terri Rhodes and Chris Jongewaard for taking out the overall A-Grade Crossfire Cup categories.  While Chris managed a clean-sweep, a puncture-plagued Terri hung on by the narrowest of margins over race winner Nat Redmond who stormed around the course. Thanks to Longview Terri and Chris both won a night's accomodation back at the course!

End of series presentation/social night to be announced soon where we can celebrate all that made this winter CX season great.

Full results including lap times, links to (8+) photo albums, tweets and insta (remember #pacccx !) and the Strava segment are up at crossresults. If you have got a photo album to share, you can add it to the list yourself. For the race animations - see below!


FINAL SERIES STANDINGSFull Crossfire Cup SERIES STANDINGS and points rules for each category

Race Animations/Even more Results/nerdy stuff:

 Slider pic from Tim Loft - The Red Bull set-up outside Longview Vineyard's event space

Main Pic from Tim Lost - one of th closest finishes for the day in A-Grade Men as Aussie Champ/PACCer Chris Jongewaard held off a very fast finishing Cam Bayly.