Results: 2016 FOCUS Crossfire Cup Race 2

For the first time in aloooong while - a properly wet course. With MUD. And a RUN UP. Yew!

Have so much fun you can't wait till next time? Enter for Round 3 which is on 24 July 2016 here.

Remember to create yourself a login at (via email or Facebook) because if your name is on the results sheet you can vote on how hard/fun/wet/hilly the course was, and in return you can see race predictions and info on your nemeses as the databases of events you do build up.

Full results including lap times, links to photo albums, tweets and insta (remember #pacccx !) are up at If you have got a photo album to share, you can add it to the list yourself. For the race animations - see below!


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Race Animations:

Slider Pic: B-Grade men tackle the run up. C- @smutters (Josh Smith) insta #pacccx